Bachelor’s Guide to Dish Washing

Dish washing tips are all over the internet and in books, and as a bachelor; you can even as your mom how to wash dishes. Hardly any bachelor wants to ask his mom how to wash the dishes properly, so I have written up this comprehensive guide to doing the dishes.

As a single mom of two teenage boys, I have had to remind them the proper procedure for doing dishes, and I hope they have finally gotten it. This way they are prepared to wash the dishes for their wives after they have perfected the task as bachelors.

Items needed
Many bachelors will have no need to wash a baby bottle or have the need for a bottle brush but having a bottle brush will help reach into the bottom of tall cups. Beer steins and other tall cups will be difficult to reach down into for proper washing so that is why you need a bottle brush.

A bachelor needs either a clean dishcloth or a sponge for proper dish washing. A sponge is a great idea and not only will it help you to scrub off stuck on foods it will also help you to clean up counter tops, stoves and other kitchen surfaces. I would not recommend using a scouring pad, as they will scratch dishes, and make food stick to them.

Dawn dish washing soap is a great detergent that cleans dishes great, and helps to keep grease away from your dishes and hands. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and scents in any grocery or department stores around the nation.

A clean dishtowel lay on the counter beside your dish drainer to allow your clean dishes to air dry.

Washing dishes
The first step in doing the dishes is to take everything out of the sink, taking care to separate it into distinct piles of dishes. Stack the plates, bowls, and cups as the will need to be washed in the proper order.

Place the plug in the sink, and squeeze dawn dish washing detergent into sink, you do not need a lot of dish soap, only about the size of a quarter will work. Now begin running the hot water into the sink, you need it hot enough to kill germs but not hot enough to scald you. You want the water temperature to be about as hot as shower and not a swimming pool. Fill the sink up about half way and fill the other side of the sink with plain water.

Toss any silverware minus sharp knives into the water to soak as you wash glasses followed by the mugs. Sharp knives must never go into your hot soapy dishwater, because the water will ruin the handles and you could serious cut your hand as well by accidentally grabbing a hidden knife the wrong way.

It is very important to wash the dishes in the following order glasses, mugs, and then place any bowls into the soapy water as you rinse the cups and mugs off in the rinse water. Place glasses and mugs on a dishtowel to air dry, and when you are done here wash the bowls and place them into the rinse water. Put the plates into the hot soapy water to soak for a minute or two while you rinse the bowls.

After you rinse the bowls, place them onto the dishtowel with the glasses and mugs. Now wash the plates, scrubbing them with the sponge as needed. Rinse your plates and place them into the dish drainer. Now go ahead, wash the silverware, and place them into the dish drainer compartments.

Now go ahead and wash your sharp knives, taking great care and caution so that you do not cut your hands. Place them in one hand, wash them with the other, dunk it into the rinse water, and place in the rear of the dish drainer near the wall. Learning to place sharp knives back there as you learn proper dish washing procedures will keep your household safe in the future when you have a child.

Lastly, you wash pots and pans, which you have cooked or baked in. Sometimes you need to allow these to soak for a while, but if you are pressed for time and you know a pot or pan will be very sticky there is a simple way to remove that burnt on food without scrubbing. Simply dump enough flat Pepsi, coke or left over soft drink to cover the burnt on food and cook it. As the soft drink cooks it will lift that burnt on food right out of the pan, you simply need to let it cook unless the soda is almost evaporated from the pan.

There you have it, the proper way to dish washing success and it was written especially for all of you bachelors out there.

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