Back in Time

I remember when I was quite small.
I thought I had all the answers and knew it all.
Those were the days of innocence,
And my greatest dreams cost only a few cents.
Chemistry Sets, Lincoln Logs and Captain Kangaroo;
How I long for the simple days, filled with the likes of you!
It was a gentler time,
Before I came to really know humankind.
Would that I could, travel back in time,
To when you got lots of candy for one thin dime;
I would surely go in the blink of an eye,
Back to the days of when we were kids, you and I.
Back before my hurts were life long,
And “I’m sorry,” could right almost any wrong.
I would travel today if I could,
Back to the days of my childhood.
But then I would have to grow up all over again,
And traveling twice through this world would be a sin!

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