Backpacking Stoves: Things to Consider Before Buying

If you plan on hiking in areas that prohibit campfires, then you will need a backpacking stove to cook your meals in. There are a few things you should consider before buying one. This article will discuss things you should consider before buying backpacking stoves.


The first thing you need to consider before buying a backpacking stove is the weight. You don’t want to choose a stove that is too big because you’re going to be carrying it on your back. Backpacking stoves can weigh less than a pound or as much as five pounds. Find a stove that is big enough to cook your food quickly that is also easy to carry around.


Another thing to consider before buying a backpacking stove is how you have to start it. Some stoves require you to use a match or a lighter to start them. If you think this may be a problem for you, then you should choose one of the more expensive models. These backpacking stoves have electronic ignitions that start the stove at the push of a button.

Fuel Type

Most backpacking stoves use liquid gas or compressed propane cartridges. The ones that use cartridges are lighter and require little maintenance, but also require you to safely dispose of the cartridges. Backpacking stoves that you liquid gas are less expensive and burn hotter than cartridge stoves. If you plan to hike in colder climates, then make you choose a fuel that is easier to carry because stoves use more fuel in cold weather.


One of the final things to consider before buying a backpacking stove is the number of burners it has. If you simply want to use the stove to boil water, then a single burner is good enough. If you want to use backpacking stoves to cook full meals, then you may need one that has two burners.


You also need to think about the weather conditions in the area that you’ll be hiking in. If it will be windy, then you should browse backpacking s

These are the most important things to consider before buying a backpacking stove. It’s best to get a stove with an electronic ignition because they are much easier to start. You should also choose from backpacking stoves that have enough burners for you and a wind screen in case conditions will be windy in the area you’re hiking in.

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