Backyard Fire Pit

Brick or block
Disposable bucket

You aren’t the only one who loves to sit outside on a warm summer night but what about other evenings? Do you know what keeps most people indoors on other nights? The cool air! When it’s nippy, most people don’t want to sit outside, but you will. You’ll really enjoy even a very nippy night when you have a fire pit right in your backyard. Use it to put a little heat in the air so you don’t have to go in before you’re ready. A backyard fire pit is really cheap and easy to make.

You see very few women pour concrete and do block or brick work, but when it comes to the backyard fire pit – if you’re a woman – you might be up for the challenge. It takes little time or effort to make it so it’s easy enough for just about anyone. You’ll start by deciding how large you want the pit to be and drawing a circle on the ground to be that large in diameter. A good way to make a perfect circle is to tie a knife, screwdriver, or similar implement, to a string. Hold the bare end of the string down on the ground, pull the string taut, and drag the implement on the ground, going around in a circle. With the circle drawn, you’re ready to move on.

Mix up some do-it-yourself concrete or cement and spread it over the circle you’ve created. It’s a good idea to pull up the grass, or even till inside the circle, but be sure to smooth the dirt when you’re finished. Follow the directions on the cement to mix it and apply it.

After covering the circle with a nice layer of thick cement, begin laying bricks or blocks. Put the edges of the bricks into the cement as you make a circle around the cement. Each time you lay a brick, put cement on the side of it, as well as the side of the former brick. Lay that brick and then continue. With each new row, apply cement to the top of the row, and then start the next row.

Build the fire pit to be just a couple of feet up off the ground. Allow all of the cement to set before using it. Put in wood, light it, and begin feeling the warmth. Drag some lawn chairs up around the fire pit where you can sit and visit with neighbors or friends. Your family members will always know where to find you no matter how chilly it is outside.

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