Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Problems and Solutions

Do you own a bag less vacuum cleaner? Has it been functioning poorly? Has it lost it’s suction? Has it become loud? Sometimes your vacuum will act up. The good news is that these problems are usually very simply to remedy. Here is the low down on bag less vacuum cleaners problems and solutions.

Problem: Your vacuum has lost all suction.
When your vacuum cleaner fails to have any suction it is usually because the hose is clogged. Almost every vacuum cleaner has removable hoses. Remove yours carefully and look into it. Do you see a clog? Sometimes a tissue or piece of paper gets vacuumed up and clogs the hose. Hold an open end of the hose over the garbage can. Hold the other end up high. Tap and shake the hose vigorously. Changes are your clog will release itself and your suction will return.

Problem: You have some suction, but not nearly enough.
This problem could be from a partial clog, or, it could be just that your vacuum needs to be cleaned out. Make sure that the canister is empty. If the canister is empty and you still have this trouble then I suggest you clean or replace your filters. Dirt filled filters make for poor suction. Bag less vacuum cleaner filters are almost always removable. Some cannot be cleaned. Some must be replaced. However, many vacuums now have filters that can be cleaned. To clean them simply remove them and shake them well. You can make them just like new by washing them with warm water and a mild detergent, then allowing to dry. ALWAYS make sure your filters are completely dry before you put them back into your vacuum.

Problem: You vacuum has become very LOUD!
This problem could be caused by dirty filters. However, it is most likely being caused by something that is stuck inside your vacuum head. The head is the part of the vacuum that has the rolling brush. It moves directly over your floor. Vacuums tend to become noisy when a peice of plastic or paper gets caught in the roller. Sometimes the foreign piece will flap against something as the roller turns, creating noise. Sometimes the foreign piece makes it so that the rolling brush cannot turn at all, creating noise. It is also possible that a string or fray of carpet is twisted around the rolling brush. The make also make your vacuum sound unusual. Most often things can be removed easily. Make sure your vacuum is off and unplugged before attempting to remove anything.

Bag less vacuums are a relatively new thing. When problems occur with them they are usually quite easy to remedy. When you clean your filters often and regularly check for lodged debris your vacuum will run at it’s best. Regular care will also extend your vacuums life span. Don’t wait for problems to happen. Prevent them!

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