Baking Holiday Cookies

The holidays are here and what is the best thing to do? Make holiday cookies. Not only are they fun to make and good to eat but a great holiday tradition. I look forward to making holiday cookies with my children every year. There are so many different kinds and flavors to make. Some people make holiday cakes and pies. I like to make the cookies only. Some great cookies to make are:

Healthy cookies- granola bars, fudge and wheat germ brownies, oatmeal bars
Filling cookies-oreos, peanut butter brownie bars, whoopie cookies, sandwich cookies, cream cheese bars
Cut-out cookies- sugar cookies, scotch shortbread, homemade scrath cookies, cut-out cookies

There are many flavors of cookies to make and ddepending what you prefer and like best than you have many options. Try to make a few different flavors for a party and for the holidays. You can make strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, blueberry and many many more flavors. When you think of holiday cookies you think small bite size baked goods. That is exactally what they are.Making cookies is not only a family projects but a memory one too.

Tips on making cookies:
Never overcook or bake them too long.
For crispy bake a few min longer than suggested.
For flat cookies bring the dough to room temperature before baking.
For puffy cookies refrigerate dough before baking. Also, bake in the upper third of the oven.
For chewy cookies take the cookies out a few minutes before they are doen. This way it will leave them softy and still wet inside. This will leave it to be chewy.
When baking cookies on the bottom rack of the oven, stack two baking sheets together. This will they won’t burn on you.
Use a non-stick liner to prevnt burning and a mess.
Measure all the batter out evenly so all the cookies will come out the same.
Store the cookies in a seled container at room temperature.

Baking cookies is so much fun. You can add to your cookies beofre baking or simply add afterwards. If you want to add to your cookies that try these:
Nuts, peanuts, cashews
Jimmies, sprinkles, morsels
Bits of candy
Sugar like colored and natural

You can also add pictures top your cookies. If you can make a small holiday picture like a candy cane or a santa’s face that would be so nice. It makes your cookie look like you have spent hours on them. Decorating cookies does not have to be a talent. When decorating you must add some kind of liquid-based substance. Some people use frosting, dip, chocolate, or pieces of ice cream. Serve your cookies when they are ready. Some people freeze them for months in their freezer.

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