Ballet and Barre Dance DVDs Help You Lose Weight, Gain Flexibility

There are some of us who, alas, seem to trip over our own toes. We consider it a major feat to stay on our feet while chewing gum, and are the spectator when it comes to any activities involving grace.

Wish that could change? We’re going to make your wish come true with these dance fitness DVDs. We’ve experimented with them all in order to share the best ones.

Barre workouts have become hot, and “Element: Barre Conditioning” allows you to use a chair iin place of a barre to strengthen your muscles, enhance your flexibility and blast those calories. Get all the details about “Barre Conditioning” by clicking here.

Farewell fat, hello flexibility. If you want to become a ballerina in the comfort of your own living room, we’ve found the solution with “Ballet Beautiful: Cardio Fat Burn.” What we love: You get 15-minute cardio dance workouts plus mat work to exercise your entire body – and you even have fun. Get all the details about “Cardio Fat Burn” by clicking here.

Get a booty to boast about with one of our favorite instructors, Tracey Mallett! You’l work your entire body, and sculpt that derriere until your skinny jeans slip on smoothly with “Tracey Mallett-The Booty Barre-Total New Body” – get the details by clicking here.

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