Can I Afford Prescription Medications if I Have No Insurance?

Health insurance and prescription drug coverage are important benefits that are not affordable for everyone. Even if a person is lucky enough to work for a company that offers health insurance and prescription drug benefits, those benefits may be unaffordable and therefore unattainable. Unfortunately, millions of people live day to day without health insurance and prescription drug coverage. Many of these people find themselves in need of prescription medications for ongoing medical conditions. Without these necessary prescription drugs, they cannot maintain quality health, and quite often they cannot sustain life. People without medical insurance and prescription drug benefits often end up ignoring life-threatening medical conditions, or they are forced to cut back on other expenses such as food, clothing, entertainment, and significant household expenses. There are ways in which uninsured and under insured people can obtain the prescription drugs they require for a reduced price, or even at no cost.

Prescription Drug Samples

When a doctor or healthcare provider prescribes medication, ask if samples of that particular medication are available. Salespeople promoting prescription drugs provide samples to medical offices on a regular basis, and doctors can request samples of many popular drugs. Don’t be shy about reminding your healthcare provider that you don’t have healthcare insurance and prescription drug coverage. Many times doctors work with their patients and prescribe medications that they regularly receive as samples. Understanding and generous physicians often pass these samples along to patients without prescription drug benefits. Depending on the medication you require, even just a few sample packets can save hundreds of dollars.

Money-saving Coupons and Rebates

Medical offices sometimes receive money-saving coupons for pharmaceuticals. If your physician does not have coupons for the prescription drugs you require, ask if a salesperson can be contacted who might be willing to provide them. Salespeople are usually more than willing to provide coupons that promote prescriptions drugs for the companies they represent. You can also try contacting drug companies directly to inquire about money-saving coupons, rebates, and special offers. Many well-known companies offer special promotions and incentives for using their products.

Generic Equivalents

If your doctor or healthcare provider cannot obtain samples or coupons for the prescription drugs you require, ask if generic equivalents are available. Drugs that have been on the market for a number of years quite often have generic counterparts. These generic drugs are proven to be just as effective as name-brand equivalents, and they save consumers a considerable amount of money.

Prescription Drug Plans

There are reasonably price prescription drug plans available for those without health insurance, but don’t sign up for one of these plans without asking questions first. These plans can be very helpful for some, but nearly useless for others. Before signing up for a low-cost prescription drug plan, make sure you do your homework. Ask a company representative if the pharmacies in your area work with their plan. Also, ask if the prescription medications you require are covered under the plan. Many prescription drug plans sound good until the consumer discovers the medication they require is not covered.

Comparison Shop

Shop around for the lowest prices on prescription drugs. Surprisingly the costs of prescription drugs vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Call your local pharmacies and comparison shop. Alternately, you may want to consider buying your prescription drugs online. Shopping on the internet for a prescription can save money by eliminating the cost of vehicle operation, and most of all, shopping on the internet saves valuable time.

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