Bare Escentuals Foundation

Bare Escentuals is a wonderful makeup line created in 1976 and is now run by Leslie Blodgett. Bare Minerals is a pure mineral makeup that has no additives or irritants which makes it great for your skin and is very light on your face, even though the coverage is superb. One of the best things about Bare Minerals is that it contains SPF 15 so it not only looks great on your skin but it protects it too.

The Bare Minerals foundation comes in many colors so it is easy to find just the right shade for your skin tone. The colors are fair, fairly light, light, medium, medium beige, medium tan, tan, and dark deep. The fair color is for the most porcelain skin and dark deep is for the darkest of skin tones. I personally use medium beige but I know I could also use medium. I have a nice tan looking skin tone but my face is always pale.

In the summer I use medium beige but in the fall and winter I use medium. I suggest buying two different colors of foundation if you can. Use the lighter of the two for an all over face color and the darker one for a contour color. Contour with the darker color under your cheek bones to give you a more slender looking face and contour under your jaw line to help get rid of a double chin you might have. Did you know that Bare Escentuals is sold in many stores and online? Such stores include Bare Escentuals boutiques, Ulta stores or, Sephora stores or, some Nordstrom’s locations, Bare Escentuals infomercials, QVC, and EBay.

You can also always borrow Bare Escentuals from your family and friends that already own the product. Bare Minerals foundation is extremely easy to use. There are two different brushes that I recommend you use. The first brush is the Flawless application brush. This brush has specially formed bristles that hold the minerals inside. The other brush is the Kabuki brush. This brush looks like a little mushroom with a small stubby handle. The Kabuki brush gives you a heavier coverage. This is better if you have rosacea, breakouts, or any imperfections.

You use both brushes the same way. First you take some of your foundation and you pour it into the lid of the container that the Bare Minerals comes in. You don’t need very much. Less is more when it comes to this product. Then you take your brush and you swirl it into the makeup, tap the excess off, and buff it onto your face. Make sure that your makeup is tucked into the bristles before applying it. Start anywhere on your face that you wish. You can always add more minerals but it is better to build instead of putting too much on at first.

Bare Escentuals is a wonderful line of makeup for your teenagers who are just starting to use makeup. We all know that girls tend to use too much makeup or the wrong color, but with Bare Escentuals it is nearly impossible to make a mistake. There are many other products in the Bare Escentuals line, but the Bare Minerals foundation is definitely the place to start. You can now enjoy having beautiful, healthy skin without the thickness of liquid foundation all by using Bare Escentuals.

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