Bargains on Books

Used books are a wonderful way to get the books you need for a fraction of the original cost. Even though most recreational books usually range between $20-50, there are some books you may need books for academic or professional purposes that could be a lot more expensive. And, it wouldn’t hurt to get the books you love to read in pretty good condition at a cheaper price, too.

You can find used books at most bookstores, regardless of the size of the store. Usually, the used books are in average condition, and are put on sale for a lower price because they have gone out of print (such as textbooks that are printed every year or two), or aren’t as popular. Here are some places for you to find used books, and how you can get in touch with these stores:

Of course, you can find just about anything you’re looking for on e-Bay, so why not used books? Depending on how many used books are being auctioned off, you might be able to view the books according to subject, author, or length. And, unlike other sites, you can bid for the used books you want, and you just might be able to buy the books at the price you request. It is important, however, to observe the price range of the bidders and to bid accordingly. Try to be both realistic and reasonable in your bidding. If you are a member of e-Bay, don’t forget to check the books sections often for deals on used books. is an online used and rare book resource center. You can find textbooks and literature material on this site, as well as romance novels, science fiction books, and everything in between. There is a built-in search engine on the home page of the site, where you can type in the type of used books you’re looking for, and search online. If you can’t find the used books you need on the site, you’ll be directed to a site or used books store that can help. You can order any of the books you need directly from the Web site with a credit card.
The Web site is designed for college students who are looking for textbooks for classes at a cheaper price than in campus bookstores. The homepage for this site is a search engine. You can request the kind of used books you want, along with videos, music and class resources, and you’ll be directed to what you need in minutes. will also give you a small description of the books that come up as a result of your search, along with a sentence or so about the author when the information is available, and the price of the books you’ve chosen. You can also see if there is more than one addition of the used books available on the site, and you can view similar books that may help with your school project or report.
This Web site is similar to, but specializes in rare books, or used books that are now out of print. If you’re looking for used books that no one else is likely to use, this is the site for you. There are so many pages to browse on the Web site, you’re bound to find something of interest to you. You can search for information on specific periods in history or for certain people and their accomplishments on this site as well. The site also has a place for you to search for old movies and music as well.

Hopefully, these sites and the resources they are linked to will make your search for used books much more rewarding. There’s always a way to find the books you need, even if they are expensive or out of print– you just have to know where to look.

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