Basics of a Thumbprint Capture System

Thumbprint capture is simply another way of recognizing an individual’s identity. Driver’s licenses, passports, visas, automated legal documents, check cashing and high security systems are all candidates for the process aimed at identifying you through your fingerprint. It is a form of electronic signature that provides greater amounts of security to many different industries and individuals.

Thumbprint capture is a form of biometrics that acts as a digital signature detailing who you are for the security system. Since everyone has their own unique print, thumbprint t capture is an excellent way to enhance security.

While the use of finger prints has been around and used for decades by the government and other sectors for purposes of identification, it is only recently that you can be identified simply by pressing your thumb to a machine that immediately recognizes your thumbprint.

Thumbprint identification systems recognize your unique print through the process of scanning the swirly ridge and whorl patterns on your fingertip. They store this information for future use.

Thumbprint capture is a type of digital signature that is also renowned for its ease of use. A computer can process around 17,000 prints per second, so when you hold your thumb to the electronic capturing device, it only takes a second to either identify you or not.

Biometric ID systems like thumbprint capture are used in myriad ways, and are especially effective in situations that call for a high level of security. They are also used by colleges, Banks and ATM’s, prisons, government, border control, the military and more. They are also effectively used in research laboratories, especially those with highly sensitive security requirements.

Because your thumbprint is totally unique, thumb print capture is a pretty much fool-proof form of identification that is ideal for most situations and environments. Your thumbprint acts as an electronic signature that no one can forge.

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