The Basics of MP3 Players

MP3, meaning MPEG Audio Layer 3, has the ability to compress a large amount of audio data to a small size. You will find different types of MP3 players on the market, which each having its own advantages and problems. However, MP3 players can largely be classified into three main types: MP3 flash players, hard drive players and multimedia players. They can be called the first, middle and advanced stages of the gadget respectively.

Flash players are usually small in size, affordable and available in a variety of different styles. The various types can have integrated memory, separate memory cards and USB drive MP3 players. They do not contain too many moving parts; so, your player is not easily damaged. Capacity of new memory flash players ranges from 64 MB to 1GB and you can store in them an average of 15 to 100 music tracks of CD quality audio. They are user-friendly and will allow you to transfer music files to and from your computer without any difficulty.

Hard drive players are usually for those who want to have their stock of music always with them. Players of this type, usually pocket-sized, can store anything between 1,000 and 15,000 tracks according to their storage capacity, which can vary from 2GB to more than 40GB. It is obvious that such large capacities have the greatest advantage. These players usually contain small screens that display details about tracks and singers. These screens also include a convenient menu system that helps navigate through your song list. If you go for the pricier color screen models, they can also display stored pictures. In some hard drive players, you can download digital camera memory cards onto their hard drive. You can also link MP3 players up to compatible car radios through a FM transmitter.

Multimedia players, more advanced than the previous two types, are also larger in size. They have higher capacity hard drives and their size also enables them to accommodate a large color screen that can display photographs along with video playback. It is a great feature that allows you to watch your favorite films, or favorite music videos. In a multimedia player, a solitary portable device can provide access to music, videos, and photographs. Now even more advanced models have entered the market that have integrated video inputs and that support real time encoding. These features help them act as substitutes for VHS recorders. Some other models possess a similar feature set for PDAs by virtue of their operating system and application support.

Before purchasing an MP3 player, you should have some idea about their main features: memory capacity, physical weight and size, compatible audio formats, PC interface, battery life, and remote control.

Memory size means the quantity of data that the MP3 player can store. In a player with a larger memory size, you can listen to a larger number of songs. MP3 players are available in different weights and sizes. The weight range is usually between 40 and 300 grams. Although larger size normally means greater capacity, new technologies are constantly trying to reduce the size and weight of the new generation of MP3 players. You should also check the compatibility of the player before purchasing. Some recent formats like AAC or WMA or ATRAC can provide better audio quality; so, if you are keen on using any of them, you should have a MP3 player that is compatible. PC Interface is the linking interface between your computer and MP3 player. It is better to check the battery life of flash memory players because they are usually integrated and cannot be interchanged.

Battery life of a multimedia player may be several hours, while that of a memory-integrated player may be more than 40 hours. Remote controls are convenient for hard drive and multimedia players, as you would not like to constantly take your player in and out of your pocket. Prices of MP3 players usually vary from $40.00 to $ 1,000.00 depending on the type of the device. This information should be utilized to make your purchase of an MP3 player much more convenient. There are many models available and you should have little difficulty finding one that best suits your needs.

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