Uniden 2.4 GHZ Cordless Phone Review

When it was time to buy a phone instead of leasing one, it was overwhelming to see just how many brands and types of phones there are out there. Is it for home, home office or office? For your chatting children? Cordless, more than one headset. It can become quiet confusing and expensive. Some phones cost over $150.00 while others under $15.00. So what’s a family to do if they want a basic nice phone? Check out Uniden’s cordless two handset 2.4 GHZ. It comes with a charger, batteries for both cordless phones, caller ID, and call waiting (you have to be subscribe to these services through your local phone company for them work) But it’s got a lot more!

You can include up to 4 handsets. Great for kids who associate with the same friends and want to chat at the same time. Or great for clients wanting to have meetings with others. You can add a headset for each handset separately. It has a belt clip so carrying is easier. If you’re in an important call, you can put on the do not disturb feature. As well as clarity booster and privacy. In the middle of a call and need to get something, you can mute or put the caller on hold. If you need to keep an eye on a room as such baby monitoring you have that option. You can also use the phone as walkie talkies. There’s even speaker phone availability in each phone.

The phone lights up in orange when it’s ringing. And you have the option of turning the phone off via the digital menu. When you’ve missed a call, the caller ID displays how many new calls you have. While talking you can change the talking volume. You can also adjust the ringing volume to either low or high. The battery power and clock is on display. You can have the menu in English, Spanish or French. There’s plenty of space to hold your contacts, up to 100 names and phone numbers. And you can recharge both phones at the same time. If you have voice mail, you can set it up so it alerts you when you have a new message. There’s 20 ring tones to choose from. This phone so far as been great. And it’s pretty lightweight and small. The phone itself is silver. The cost is around $70.00

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