The Diplomacy of Text Messaging

Text messaging is everywhere. Everyone who has a cell phone can usually use text messaging instead of the old beeper to send a message. Whhile text messaging is convenient, there are certain rules to remember before you press the “send” in your keypad.

1. Remember that most people are new to text messaging. Do not assume that they know what you mean when you say “y” instead of yes. Do not use “C u latr” when the other person is not a whiz-texter. A polite texter uses straight English for the reciever to understand.

2. Do not text anyone for for the sake of texting. If you have nothing to say, refrain yourself from sending ‘nonsensical” messages like “I m ok” or “D day is fine, d sun is up”. Remember that the reciever may not even care if you are okay today or if the day looks good.

3. Reply right away if you can to text messages. If you get a message that asked ” Will u b @ home 2nite?” it is polite to say either yes or no – or explain furthur with a text message,

4. Never propose through a text message or say “I luv u” using SMS. People still prefer to be told in person and in a more romantic setting that they are loved or that you want to marry her.

5. Never send smileys and NOTHINg more. If you are to send a picture message or a smiley, at least make the other person know why you’re sending him/her the message.

6. While it is okay to apologize using a text message make sure that you follow it up with a voice call or better still, go to the person and tell him/her you are sorry. You can start by saying “Did you get mt text message…?”

7. Never answer stray messages. Talking to a complete stranger is not exactly a wise idea. The idea of having “:textmates” is great as long as you KNOW them. Do not give out pesonal information vis text messaging.

8. Before using the text linggo, be aware of the reciever’s personality. It would be unappropriate to send your boss the text message. ” i m @ walmart”. Use “real” English.

9. Be a good texter. Never use text messaging to vent your anger towards the reciever. That is impolite and downright crude.

10. Do not forward someone’s personal text to you to another. That is called gossiping! Remember that a text message to you is a personal message sent to you because the sender trusts you.

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