The Best Boredom-Buster Websites

You have twenty minutes kill before you leave for your hair appointment. You can’t possibly start anything productive, so what to do? Despite having a thousand channels, you know nothing’s on TV and you’ve already checked your email ten times today. Stop worrying your free time away because below we’ve discovered some entertaining websites that will find a permanent place on your browser and in your heart.

The Superficial.
Hands down, it’s the best celebrity blogger out there. What makes The Superficial better than the rest is its overly critical, insanely hilarious commentary on the latest celebrity gossip and photos. If you’re an overly sensitive feminist, or a true fan of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, this site may not be for you.

The International Movie Database is by far the largest source of information on movies, TV shows, and any other part of the entertainment world-all at your fingertips. Discover what new projects your favorite actors are working on, as well as a list of everything they’ve ever done in their career. Filled with useless trivia, IMDB is essential to the movie nut, and finally gives an answer to “Where have I seen that guy before?”

Miss the latest live TV mishap that everyone’s been talking about? Did TiVo cut off the last five minutes of your favorite show? No problemo because you’ll probably find it on YouTube. Search and view anything from music videos, movie trailers, TV shows and more-all for free!

My Heritage Face Recognition.
Do you swear your new boyfriend looks like Matt Damon’s twin? Could your grandma pass as Betty White? See for yourself by uploading pictures of people you know into this celebrity face recognition program. By measuring key features on the face, the program will match your photo with celebrities from their database. If you’re in for a good laugh, this site is for you.

I’m Really Sad.
Having a bad day? Well, if this website can’t make you smile, there is probably no hope for you. Filled with pictures of animals so cute you’re voice will jump decibels, I’m Really Sad will give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Have an incredibly cute photo of one of your animals? Send it in and they’ll put it up.

Rock on TV.
Find out when your favorite bands are going to be on TV! VH1 brings you this great little search engine that will tell you the day, time, channel, and program name of their upcoming appearances. Just set the DVR and you’ll be on your way.

Formerly, Tickle is jam-packed with hundreds of fun, interesting, and most importantly, free personality quizzes. Learn more about yourself than you probably want to from serious tests like “What kind of a girlfriend are you” to the more whimsical “What kind of potato chip are you.” Whatever the case, you’ll be just tickled with this site, however, your results may be another story.

What’s That Bug?
Ever stumble upon a strange insect that you’ve never seen before? If you were fortunate enough to get a picture of it (before you beat it down with a flip flop, of course) send it into these guys and they’ll give you an answer. If you’re lucky, they’ll even post it up on the website. In the meantime, check out their extensive database of strange bug pictures.

The Quotation’s Page.
Searching for your new personal motto? Need a great way to start a speech? From quotes funny to serious, hopeful to hopeless, this website really is THE quotation’s page for a reason. Search from subject matter to author, or scroll through their quotes of the day for random piece of wisdom.

Screen It!
This website is an awesome tool for parents questioning the appropriateness of a movie for their kids. Not only will it provide you with the MPAA rating, it breaks down and rates content in fifteen different categories, from language to sexual content to drug use and violence.

Still not satisfied? Check out, the Mack daddy of all boredom buster websites.

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