What Every Gaming System Should Have

Every great system is nothing without the awesome and amazing accessories that are available to purchase. From controllers to head phones and even up to a gaming chair, accessories serve the purpose of making every gamers experience even better. From the relaxed gamer to the hardcore gamer, there is something for everyone and this article is going to cover just a few of those accessories that will help make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

First and foremost, when buying a new system, most gamers know that it only comes with one controller so, why not make one of your first purchases a Wireless Controller and Charge Kit? Not only will you get an extra wireless controller, but you will also get a charger kit as well. The bundle will be sold for $74.99 and can be found via GameStop or sites such as Newegg. The Xbox One has a brand new Kinect unit included and as an Xbox 360 owner, I know how annoying it can be to find a place to put your Kinect sensor that is both out of the way and stable enough to read everyone in the room. With that said, the Kinect TV mount sold for $19.99 should be a great and in-expensive purchase for all fans of the Kinect sensor. Over time, the analog sticks wear down and may be hard to grip causing your thumbs to slip in those pivotal moments. For that, I introduce you to analog grip stick covers which cost $10.00-$14.00. They are easy to put over the analog sticks and will ensure that even the sweatiest of thumbs will be able to grip the stick much better. Lastly, I would recommend buying a controller smart clip. The smart clip enables you to clip your smart phone onto the controller making it easy to access and view walkthrough tutorials if need be and to also utilize the smart glass technology to have a second screen on your controller. The clip is very in-expensive totaling on average only $9.99 per unit.

For gamers who enjoy sharing those awesome moments during gameplay with their friends or if a friend asks how you made it through a certain section of the game, I would recommend purchasing a camera for your PS4 for a grand total of $59.99. It allows you to record your game play and then send the recording to your friends. For those hours where your PlayStation is turned off, I recommend recharging your controllers with a PowerA Dualshock 4 charging station for only $29.99. The vertical stand sold for $17.99 will enable you to stand your system up vertically to fit into tighter spaces or to just make it look more domineering on your entertainment stand. If you have children or a spouse that always tells you to turn the volume down while gaming, I recommend a wireless headset from the company Turtle Beach. Not only are they cheaper ($149) than the Sony brand but also, they are just as good.

If you are like me and spend hours of game time using your Wii U Gamepad, then purchasing a UBoost is the way to go. It is an in-expensive way ($10.97) to add an additional 10 or so hours to your gaming experience. You may also want to look into buying an additional Wii U Pro Controller weighing in at a total of $49.99. For those who still love and enjoy the Super Mario Brothers franchise, then I recommend purchasing the new Super Mario Brothers U Wii U Decorative Skin and Screen Filter for $12.99 online only. Not only will the filter protect your screen but also, you can game in style making your friends and family jealous. If you are looking to save money on a charging station, then I recommend purchasing the Wii U Charge Base-Pro for only $12.97.

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