What is MySpace?

Myspace is an community on the Internet that provides people with the option of adding a picture along with a profile. On myspace the profiles often tell information about people such as their hobbies and favorite sport teams along with other interesting information about themselves. Myspace also has instant messages option available for people who love to chat with other people online. Myspace is a great place for people wanting to make a few Internet friends online.

If you decide to make a profile on Myspace then please be careful about what information you put on there. Don’t put very personal information about yourself on there. Never give out your address or phone number ever. Be careful of people who lie about themselves. Some people lie about their age on Myspace and it is easy for people to get away with it since Myspace doesn’t make it a requirement to use a credit card for verification of age. Don’t put the name of the city that you live in on your profile. Don’t list your real name on your profile on myspace. Don’t tell anyone where you work at or which college that you go to. Don’t give out your real email address. Make sure get a free e-mail address to give you more privacy.

Myspace has been reported in newspapers and on news channels due to problems with children lying about themselves and other problems that arise from some people that use the Internet with bad intentions. Just remember that not every person on Myspace is dishonest. It is still possible to have some few Internet friends on Myspace that are honest, but please make sure to be careful. Remember that everyone you talk to on Myspace is a stranger just like a person out in the real world.

Myspace also has blogs that are available to show online to your Internet friends. A blog is almost like a journal except for it is online. You can write information in there about what you did each day or just vent about certain subjects that bug you. Just make sure to keep your blog clean and don’t put inappropriate information on there for everyone to read.. Blogs are a good way to let friends and family members read updates about what is going on in your life without you having to send a dozen emails to everyone that you know.

Myspace is a place that provides people with hours of entertainment. Myspace enables people from different cities in the world from all over the world to talk to each other. Myspace lets people chat with each other real time through instant messages and also through e-mail. Myspace allows people to post pictures of their pet dogs or other appropriate pictures.

Myspace has been growing on the Internet and has became more popular as each day goes by. Myspace is an interesting place. Myspace is a good place to go chat at.. Make sure to use a nickname on your profile.

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