What Are META Tags?

META tags are part of the heading in a web pages that is designed with HTML. The META tags are used to tell search engines many things about your web site and it’s contents.
META tags are placed in the section of the web site. If looking at the source page of a web site, you will commonly see these META tags.

Keyword META Tag
The keyword META tag works by letting the search engines know what your pages keywords are. Several keywords or keyword phrases can be used in the META tag but they must be separated by commas and be closed when finished. The most important keyword should be listed first.

Description META Tag

The description META tag is used to tell the search engines what your web page is about. This description is what is displayed on search engines under the link to your website. A good META description is important because it gives the search engine robot as well as the search engine user a better understanding of the topic of your web page. If you do not have a META description tag, the search engine will use the content from the first paragraph on your web page to gather a description.


Distribution META Tag

The “global” distribution description allows your site to be indexed by all internet search engines. This setting should be used for all websites that are meant for general public use. If a website is used for personal or inter-office use the setting would be set to “local” and the web site would not be indexed by search engines.

The combination of these three META tags are very important in the indexing of your web site. The give the search engines the information that they need in order to get your site indexed properly and listed in the search engines.

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