Bath and Body Works Wallflowers VS. Glade Plugins Scented Oil

Standing in the home fragrance aisle trying to find a product to freshen up your home can be an overwhelming experience. There seem to be countless products to choose between with everything from sprays to candles to oil or gel burners that need plugged into the wall, and that just scratches the sweet smelling surface. For a daily product that keeps the house smelling pleasant without being overpowering, I prefer the plug-in type oil burners. In my experience they have the best fragrances without being too overwhelmingly strong. I also have never had a problem with any of them irritating my allergies, and I have had that problem with other types of air fresheners like most sprays. After purchasing more different types that I can even begin to recount, my favorites have proven to be Bath and Body Works Wallflowers and Glade Plugins Scented Oil.

The Wallflowers are sold exclusively at Bath and Body Works stores and White Barn Candle stores and online. They are available in most every scent you can buy Bath and Body Works products in as well as a few others that are exclusive to the White Barn Candle stores. They also come out in a wide array of seasonal fragrances for summer and winter holiday season as well as other times of year.

Glade Plugins Scented Oil units and refills are available at most grocery, drug, and mass merchandise retailers. They are also sold in a multitude of different scents including some that are only available during the winter holiday season. Typically they do not come out with special scents that are available only during the summer or other seasons as the Wallflowers do.

The most striking difference between these two products is price. At full price, Bath and Body Works and White Barn Wallflowers cost $12.50 for a starter unit that comes with one refill. It also costs $12.50 to purchase a package of two refills. To purchase the regular Glade Plugins Scented Oil warmer, you can expect to pay roughly $5 depending on where you buy it. You can also opt to buy other Glade Plugins Scented Oil starter units with additional features for anywhere from $5-$12. Refills are about $3-$4 each and are universal between the various Glade Plugins Scented Oil warmer units. Bath and Body Works and White Barn frequently run sales on the Wallflowers and refills where you can purchase each for about $6.00 and Glade frequently puts out coupons to save you a dollar or two on starter units and refills.

When it comes to appearance, I think the Wallflowers win hands down. They have a much more attractive look to them while the Glade Plugins Scented Oil units are pretty plain looking unless you choose to buy one of the more expensive ones. The Wallflowers are larger and more bulky, but they have a design that still seems to fit into the overall d�©cor a little better.

Of course the most important factor is how well they work. When brand new, both the Wallflowers and Glade Plugins Scented Oil start out with about the same strength of fragrance. Both can also be adjusted to your own personal preferences. The Wallflowers tend to have a slightly more realistic smell to them than the Glade Plugins Scented Oil. The fragrances in each are pleasant, but the Wallflowers are usually pretty close to the scent they are mimicking. The scent of the Wallflowers wears off pretty quickly though. Within a week or so, you can no longer smell them regardless of what setting they are on. The scent of Glade Plugins Scented Oil fades gradually but is still detectable for much longer than a week. Likewise, all the oil in the Wallflower is burned off much quicker than the oil in the Glade Plugins. Needless to say, I find myself needing to replace the Wallflower’s refill pretty frequently whereas I do not normally need to buy refills for the Glade Plugins Scented Oil nearly as often. Combine this with the fact that the Wallflowers refills are much more expensive, and it is apparent the Glade Plugins Scented Oil is much more cost effective.

There is no doubt that both of these are quality products, and I personally purchase both of them on occasion. All in all, if you are looking for a product that looks really nice and smells good for just a few days and cost is not an issue (or if they are having a good sale), go with the Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works or White Barn. But if you are looking to make your house smell nice for a longer period of time and do so the most inexpensive way, go with the Glade Plugins Scented Oil.

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