How to Fix Window Drafts

With winter almost here, you want to save as much money as possible on heating your home. For everyone that does not have double insulated windows (Anderson Windows or equivalent) you are most likely getting drafts from your old style windows. Below I have outlined some steps to take to reduce most window drafts.


Install window shrinkable film on the inside of your window. You can purchase a kit for several windows that will keep the window drafts out of your home.


Carefully unpack the window film kit and measure out the first film panel for the window you are working on.


Apply the double sided self sticking tape around the perimeter of your window frame. Clean the area first to ensure the tape forms a good bond to the frame.


Have some old the bottom of the film while you start fastening the film to the top of the window frame.


Work your way down one side of the window frame at a time and secure the bottom last. The film does not have to be real tight. The next step will take care of that.


Set your hair dryer on low and apply heat evenly to all parts of the window film. When the film appears tight you are done.


Apply the above steps to the remanding windows.

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