How to Properly Anchor a Towel Bar

So, you have your bathroom remodeled and done, except for the towel bar. You want to make sure that your bars are sturdy and will hold up securely to years of use. Doing so is easy but you need to follow these practical steps to get the job done right. Know that the style of towel bar you use can provide just that added touch of design to neatly pull the look of the room together, so be selective in your purchases.

First of all, get your supplies ready. Assess your bathroom and decide how many towel bars you need and what size you want them to be. Purchase said amount and sizes in a design that will complement your room nicely and be sure to purchase the appropriate mounting hardware that goes with it.

You also need:

A tape measure




Drill and Drill Bits

Hollow wall Anchor (if you are not drilling on a stud)


Possibly Allen Wrenches

Your first step is to mark the spot on the surface where you will be hanging your towel rack. Use your tape measure and level to ensure you have an even mark to go from. Mark the spot with a pencil.

Now you want to mark the spots with a pencil where your mounting plates (included in your mounting hardware) will go.

Drill your holes with the appropriately sized drill bits. Make sure to use the proper type of drill bit for the material you are drilling into. Nothing will thwart your project quicker than trying to drill into a hard surface, such as tile, with a traditional bit, and having your bit break off in your hand. If you are not drilling into a stud, be sure to install a hollow wall anchor before you begin your work. Tap the anchor in place with the butt end of your screwdriver. Regardless of the type of surface your are drilling into, it is very important that if you are not putting both ends of the towel rack directly into a stud that you install wall anchors. If you do not, your towel racks will not stay mounted for long and in the course of dislodging they can damage the wall. Make sure that you purchase a heavy-duty anchor for a job requiring a lot of use, such as the towel rack most certainly will do.

Put your mounting plates on and use your drill or screwdriver to secure their position. If the holes require it, you may need to use an Allen Wrench for this procedure.

Be sure when selecting your towel rack that you search the options available to you. You can choose from elegant to classic and anything in between. You can choose traditional, ring-shaped, double bars, or even triple bars. You can also purchase accessories that go onto the bars to create a more stylized look. No longer do you have to settle for ordinary for any task in home improvement, including this one.

The look you can create with the proper accessories can be vital to the overall appearance of a room, so when choosing your towel racks, make sure they fit into the existing d�©cor and that they complement it accordingly.

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