Review of La Posada Resort and Spa In Santa Fe, New Mexico

The La Posada Resort and Spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico is perhaps best known for it’s ghostly activity on the second floor of the main inn. It has been profiled numerous times on television, and the ghost herself is fairly well documented, being the wife of the builder of the house, Mr. Staab. However, if I were to book a room there, this is not a room I would choose. The haunted room itself is not one of the better ones to be had, being an older room at the top of a rickety set of stairs, and is best booked only by those seeking a spiritual encounter.

Instead, choose one of the charming casitas scattered around the six acre property as we did. We had our own kiva or corner fireplace, and thick adobe walls ensured a quiet night’s rest. The furniture was rustic Santa Fe Style, and the bed covered in a luxurious down comforter. The sound of the rain on the roof lulled me to sleep, and in the morning I used the designer Rusk toiletries that were waiting in the small but charming bathroom.

Brunch was absolutely top notch, and we took it outside next to yet another kiva fireplace in the restaurant of the La Posada, called Fuego. Just on my left was the outside facade of the original French Second Empire building, it’s charming historical details setting off the modern Santa Fe architecture of the casitas on my right. The service was great, and the food was fresh and imaginatively prepared. Everything on the menu was incredibly good, and I would say that even with my experience at some of Las Vegas’ greatest and biggest brunches, this one stood on its own. It wasn’t that there was a lot of food, although there was plenty, it’s just that it was all prepared with a deep understanding of food and what tastes good. It is a AAA four diamond winner, and I’m not surprised. I would eat there every day if I could! I ate surrounded by a fountain and modern sculptures that grace the inner lawn, which is invisible from the street. As you walk by on the sidewalk, you can see the fruit trees’ branches dropping fruit over the walls. It’s really a magical place.

Next was the Spa, which is just across the fountain from Fuego. I had a foot reflexology session with my Mother and a friend and I emerged almost giddy. I felt as if I had been replaced by a better version of myself. The locker rooms were spacious and uncrowded, and we enjoyed tea lounging in the atrium outside of the treatment rooms. Fine art graced the walls, and again, a beautiful fountain was in the center of the space. Elliptical and Stairmaster workout machines, fresh fruit and tea, and robes were all part of the package. The staff was attentive and skilled, and professional without being dismissive or hurried. The Spa smelled good, was in clean condition, and was conveniently located. It is one of a chain, the Rock Resorts Spas, but it did have a local feeling.

That night we enjoyed drinks in the bar, called the Staab House, which was decorated with original fixtures and mouldings from the oldest part of the property. I loved the furnishings and the intimate quality of the space. We went across the hall to some of the public rooms and enjoyed a game of Trivial Pursuit with full bar service at the same time. Fine art, books, and a fireplace surrounded us. It was a great time, and one I’m sure you’d be eager to duplicate. The La Posada Resort and Spa is just two blocks from the hotspot of town, the Plaza, and is in a beautiful neighborhood. Valet service parks your car without fuss, and the rest of the time is just relaxing.

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