Bathroom Organization 101

One room in your home that will often get ignored in the organization game is the bathroom. Sure, it’s a very useful room in the home, but not everyone can find a place for all of the essentials needed for a bathroom. The homes that have more than one bathroom have the advantage-they are the ones that have a nice, beautiful guest bathroom for all to admire, then a nightmare of a bathroom hiding in the back. The situation isn’t so nice for those with only one bathroom.

If you are dealing with only one bathroom for both guests and your makeup, then you will need to find a better way to organize your bathroom supplies than throwing them under the sink when you are expecting company.

Find the Storage

Everyone knows that the cabinets under the sink are the best place to store items. But since most people also store cleaning chemicals down there, do they really want their makeup or soap sitting next to that? There are other storage areas in any bathroom, you just have to find them. The back of the toilet is one. While it may seem like a place you wouldn’t want to keep anything, but this is the best place to sit a small basket with additional rolls of toilet paper.

Think you are out of storage places already? No. Think vertical. There is probably at least a few walls that are practically empty. Instead of filling these walls with artwork, put up some shelves. Since bathrooms are typically small, walls shelves should not jut out from the wall more than six inches. Corner shelves are even a better solution.

Choose Pretty to Hide Ugly

We all know the types of items that are kept in the bathroom: toilet paper, makeup, toothpaste, hygiene products, etc. And even thought everyone knows you use these items, they don’t have to see them when they walk into your bathroom. Baskets are the perfect storage solution. Just make sure that when you use baskets, do not fill them so full that there is a mound of products overflowing from the basket.

Another essential in a bathroom is soap to wash your hands. Liquid soap bottles are not always attractive, so find a pretty lotion bottle or a lotion pump that matches the d�©cor of your bathroom to put the soap in. Pretty soap dishes also make bars of soap look a little more attractive.

It’s Neat to be Neat

One way to keep your bathroom organized once you have found a place for everything is to keep it that way. Sometimes when you are in a hurry, bathrooms can really get out of shape. You could leave your clothes on the floor, the towel hanging over the shower curtain, and all your makeup spread across the counter. But if you take two or three minutes each morning to put it all back in its place, there is no reason your bathroom will get out of control again.

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