How to Make Roses Out of Spoons

When I was a little girl, my great- grandmother sent my mom a plastic rose. When I asked my mom where she got the rose from, she told me that it was made by my great-grandmother. My mother then started to go through the cabinets, closets, and drawers looking for things in the house and getting things out. When I asked her what she was doing, she said ” I’m going to show you how your Great-Grandma made this rose”

And now I will tell you how to make a very pretty rose out of plastic disposable spoons.

For this project, you will need:

1) Plastic spoons (any color that you want)

2)A candle (tapered candles work best, they give off the best flame and have the most room to work with)

3)Florists tape (optional-this makes the rose look better and more real)

4)Silk leaves (optional-this makes the flower look better and more realistic)

5)Hot glue gun and hot glue stick (this is for putting on the silk leaves, but is also good for those who can’t seem to get the plastic to melt together well or are uncomfortable with using the candle too much)

6)Spray paint (for use if you can’t find the right colored spoons.

7)Clothes hanger (for use if you want to make your rose long stemmed.

1) To begin putting the rose together, you need to light the candle and melt the handles off of the spoons leave about 1 inch of the handle on (you could also just cut these off). Leave 2 spoons whole with the handles intact. These will be your center. You can also cut off all of the spoon handles and use the clothes hanger for the center. The clothes hanger is good for making your rose a long stem rose and it looks more real.

2) To make the center of your rose, take the 2 center spoons and just melt the tips of the part of the spoon that holds the food and barely bend it back (this is how you make your petals). Then put them facing together and begin to melt where the handle meets the spoon.Slowly twist the handle and try to smooth out the melt until the spoons stick to each other. This takes a while to figure out how to do it the best way, so it will probably be easier for your first rose to glue the spoons together with the hot glue.

3) Now get a few of the spoons that have the handles taken off and melt the tips of those like you did with the center spoons. Bend these a little farther than you did the center spoons. Melt of glue then facing the center of the rose.

4) Repeat step 3 until you feel that you have the rose that you want. How far you bend the tips of the spoons and how many petals you make on each of your roses is a matter of personal taste.

5) If you couldn’t find any spoon colors that you wanted and had to stick with plain white or another color, get a can of spray paint and carefully paint the flower the color that you want.

6) Use the florist’s tape to cover the stem of your rose up until you also cover your melts or glue. This makes the flower look more real.

7) Attach the silk petals to the stem.

You can make a whole bouquet of flowers like this. Try not to make them cookie cutter. The more variations, the better, as mature doesn’t make anything cookie-cutter.

Parents are cautioned when doing this project with their children. The candle and the hot glue gun can be dangerous and you child could get Himself/herself hurt.

Happy crafting!

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