How to Care for a Fireplace and Keep it Safe

A fireplace is something that almost everyone has had in their home at one time or another. Whether you grew up with one in the family house or have one in your own home now, you have likely dealt with a fireplace. A fireplace is something that the whole family can congregate around and enjoy the warmth on a cold winter night.

In order to enjoy a fireplace for a long time, proper maintenance and care has to be performed regularly. Uncared for fireplaces can be very hazardous and can ignite quickly and potentially destroy a home. This article will explain some precautions and cares that can be taken to make sure that you have a “healthy” fireplace.

One step that can be taken to make your fireplace and chimney safer is a chimney cover. This will keep most debris and things like leaves and pieces of trees out of your chimney. Things like this can ignite very easily and cause many problems, including a chimney fire. A cover can also keep pesky animals out also.

Another tip is to keep a consistent draft in your chimney and fireplace. The easier the air and smoke flows, the better. The best way of keeping a good draft of air is to keep a window open in your house while using your fireplace. The air from the window will quickly be taken up the chimney and keep up a good flow of air to carry the smoke outside.

The most obvious way to keep your fireplace and chimney in top shape is to hire a professional chimney sweeper. Don’t try doing it yourself! This will only make your life more difficult and being up on a roof is very dangerous. Leave this job to those who are trained to do it. Typically, one should have their chimney cleaned at least one time per year, if the fireplace is used regularly. Having the chimney cleaned will help the fireplace to work more effectively and will also prevent chimney fires. Chimney fires are very dangerous and spread throughout a home without warning.

Burning the right type of wood in your fireplace is also very important. Dry wood burns best, and is also best for your fireplace and chimney. Wet wood is what causes a lot of buildup in the chimney and also produces more smoke, which could be harmful. Take the time to get dry wood to burn.

Something that most don’t think about but can help out drastically is to have a screen in front of the fire instead of a solid glass window. A screen does just as good of a job at keeping the fire in place, but it will let more air through into the fireplace to let the smoke vent better. Getting a screen is not expensive and is definitely worth doing.

Follow these instructions and your fireplace will be much safer and effective. A fireplace is something that is to be enjoyed and not worried about so take the little bit amount of time it takes and care for it.

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