Maytag Offers a Top Refrigerator Under $2,500

Recently, I decided it was time to buy a new refrigerator. The old one was, well, just old, and with all the technological advances being made in large kitchen appliances, I thought it was finally time to catch up with the rest of the world. I must first let you know that in the beginning of this journey, I really did not know a whole lot about refrigerators, but after all of the reviewing and hunting, I found out a whole lot more.

One of the first things I recommend you do before going out to select a new appliance is to measure the space where you will be putting it. There is nothing worse than finding your dream appliance and not being able to fit it where you planned to! The refrigerator I decided on was the Maytag 24.9 Cubic Feet Ice20 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, stainless steel, Energy Star model.

The first thing I noticed about this little gem was the sleek and modern stainless steel. This is a very modern approach for kitchen appliances in my opinion. The stainless steel is also a lot cleaner and easier to maintain than the older versions of regular refrigerators. I received a bottle of stainless steel cleaner free with my purchase, along with instructions for application and usage.

Now, this model is an Energy Star Qualified, which is a feature that is becoming more and more desirable as technology advances. This model has three separate doors. The top level of the unit has a French door design, which is the refrigerator part. The pull out door on the lower half of the unit is the freezer. This is quite a handy design, different in a very welcoming way. The left side of the upper French door section is where you will find your water and ice dispenser. The water is filtered so you are actually getting purified water each time you dispense! There are also slots in the inside of the left side of that French door that holds up to six cola cans. This is a great grab-and-go feature, if I may say so myself.

The right side French door features a unique beverage chiller compartment that comfortably fits up to two one gallon milk containers. The neat thing about this feature is that this compartment will keep these items up to four degrees colder than the other compartments of the refrigerator.

Inside the refrigerator, you will find a great shelving center. There are spill catcher shelves that can be pulled out an additional inch to two inches for easy cleaning or to make grabbing items to the rear of the shelf easier. There is an elevator shelf with a handle that you can crank that will roll the shelf up and down to accommodate items below it that are taller or shorter. There is also the Wide-N Fresh deli drawer that is as wide as the refrigerator itself. This is an excellent feature for those, who like us, love to entertain. You can easily store large plates and serving dishes in drawer without the fear of having to rearrange your entire fridge when you are having guests over.

This Maytag comes complete with the Electronic Quad Cool system, which consists of four sensors which monitor and adjust the temperatures inside the unit. Some of the electronic features of this model include the neat Vacation Mode, which keeps the unit from defrosting when it doesn’t have to. This keeps freezer temperatures stable and conserves energy. There is also a door alarm which will alert you if any of the doors have been left open for four minutes. There is also a lock mechanism option on the button panel that enables you to lock all buttons on the panel. The lock prevents the accidental dispense of water or ice also. This comes in handy if you have an independent toddler who likes to do all the things he sees you doing!

This model is very quiet, which makes sense considering it is equipped with the Quiet Series 200 sound package, which makes this the quietest refrigerator Maytag has manufactured. This model also boasts largest fresh food capacity among other leading brands on the market today. Even with this boast, it brings me to my single only complaint. I have been used to having so much storage on the inside doors of previous units I have owned. This unit has only one above the beverage chiller, which required me to stack all of my condiment jars and bottles on another shelf in the refrigerator, where I have to constantly sift through them to find what I am looking for.

Even with that mild inconvenience, I would still highly recommend this refrigerator to anyone who is looking to replace their old and outdated one. It looks stunning in my kitchen and it is certainly a pleasure to use. You can find this wonderful large kitchen appliance at large chains such as Sears and Lowes for less than $2,500. In many cases, with a purchase this large, you will eligible for certain rebates. Ask your store salesperson for details. This unit also comes with a factory one year warranty.

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