Retail Stores – the Advantage of Steel

Commercial developers and retailers know the success of any store is largely dependent upon location and an attractive shopping environment. While costs associated with traditional construction materials continue to rise, pre-engineered metal buildings can be an economical way to expand your retail operation quickly and benefit from savings in your construction costs.

Saving time and money on a top-quality commercial-grade steel building is very important. An extended construction timeline and steep material and labor costs can be unwanted obstacles to a retailer who appreciates the link between time and profit. A pre-engineered retail building offers you economy of price and time while optimizing your square footage requirements. An experienced steel building dealer can help you build an attractive, custom designed retail outlet on your chosen parcel at a savings of up to 50% when compared with a similarly-sized building constructed with traditional materials.

If you’re considering renting or leasing existing space, have you considered the costs associated with refitting and remodeling the structure to meet your needs? Do you need a wide open retail floor, allowing for shopping carts and unimpeded customer traffic? Perhaps you prefer to use interior walls to segment your space or provide your replenishment team with a secure area for product storage and receiving activities? With the right design, you can easily combine both to provide your customer with an optimal shopping experience.

Of course, an appealing store front attracts customers. Your choice of custom exterior colors, textures and trim offers plenty of curb appeal and choice architectural features including mansards, parapets and awnings can help you build a store that blends harmoniously within your shopping district or residential community. Your metal retail building dealer should partner with you and offer guidance as you decide how to best dress out your retail store.

Ordinarily, a pre-engineered metal building requires little exterior maintenance to preserve its distinctive and attractive appearance. You may consider complimenting your exterior design with faux rock, brick or stone veneer siding.

When you shop for a steel building, be sure the building you choose is constructed with sturdy, clear-span I-Beam construction and pre-engineered girts and purlins. Referred to as “free-span” or “wide-span” construction, commercial strength 26-gauge steel I-Beams eliminate the need for load bearing walls up to a width of 300 feet and nearly unlimited length. In these types of buildings, all structural components should be pre-drilled, pre-cut and pre-welded in a controlled, factory environment with the utmost attention to detail. The best metal building dealers include Anchor Bolt Plans, Construction Plans and Engineer Certified drawings in your building package. Custom factory-machined components and bolt-together engineering allows for ease of construction. Due to these built-in features, your dealer can erect your metal building safely, securely and expeditiously.

As your client base grows, you may consider expanding your space. Flexibility and expandability are two tremendous built-in benefits for retailers. You can easily expand your square footage by as little or as much as needed to match your projected financial growth. It’s easy to accommodate your business expansion requirements. Uniform pre-engineering at the factory can make it easy to add on to your steel building in the future as your business grows and thrives.

You want a building that will remain attractive and structurally sound for years. Properly designed and erected, your metal building can withstand the most extreme climatic conditions and meet or exceed building codes worldwide. Pre-engineered metal buildings from reputable steel building dealers are resistant to the ravages of fire, the nuisances of vermin, and the growth of mold and mildew. Due to its non-combustible properties, you may even be eligible for reduced insurance rates when you choose to build with steel.

Whether you’re currently building your business from the ground floor or developing a multi-phase retail shopping plaza, a pre-engineered steel retail building can provide you with the space you require, the custom look you desire and the price that fits your budget.

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