Dragonfly Crafts: Folk Art Dragonfly Wind Chimes

These easy to make Dragonfly wind chimes are a fun summer craft perfect for decorating the front porch with. You will be working with metal to make the dragonfly wind chimes, so this is more of an adult craft.

Be sure to wear gloves, nice thick leather gloves, while making your dragonfly window chimes to avoid cutting your hands on the metal!

To Make These Dragon Fly Wind Chimes You Will Need:

Sheet Metal

Canning Jar or Coke Bottle


Tin Snips

Epoxy Glue or Gorilla Glue

To get started I like to use a glass coke Bottle for the Body of the folk art dragonfly. You can use a caning jar or any jar out have though. A glass coke bottle in the 12 ounce size I there perfect size though.

Lay the glass bottle out on some scrap paper, old newspaper, or craft paper. Go ahead and trace out the bottle shape onto the paper.

Now, draw out or map out your folk art dragonfly wings on with side. I like to use simple ovals to create the wings. Draw 2 wings for each side.

Now, cut out the paper pattern for the wings. Trace these onto sheet metal or thin sheets of aluminum form the home improvement store. Trace them with a grease pencil, then cu them out.

You will need to sand the edges so that they are not sharp.

Now, break out the power drill. Use a diamond drill bit or a ceramic drill bit and drill small holes into one side of the bottle. This will be the bottom of the dragonfly wind chimes from this point on.

Do about 6 small holes big enough to insert the screw end of an eye hook into.

Do 2 on the opposite side, one at each end of the bottle. The will be sued to hang the wind chimes.

Now, slip a dab of epoxy glue on the end of the eye hooks, slide them in the holes and let them dry.

Take each wing of the dragonfly wind chimes and fold one end over �½ inch. This should be the need you want to attach other body.

Run a bead of glue on the folded end and press them into place on the bottle as the wings. I like to use tape to hold them I place while the epoxy glue set sup. Gorilla glue will also work. Do not get any on your fingers.

Now, take fishing line or twine and tie 14 inch pieces onto the eye hooks in the bottom of the glass bottle. You can tie on small glass bottles, spoons, or other fun items that will make a nice clinking noise when they blow in the wind together.

Use twine to hang the dragonfly folk art wind chimes using the eye hooks on the other side!

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