Phil Wood’s Tenacious Oil for Bikes

Phil’s tenacious oil is billed as the perfect oil for any area with metal to metal contact on your bike. Manufactured at an independent California refinery since 1971, Phil’s tenacious oil has both rust inhibitors and additives for extreme wear.

Phil’s tenacious oil may be a surprise for cyclists who are used to using a different brand of oil. Thick, gooey, and green, it is unlike other cycling oils. In fact, its consistency can be described as a combination between grease and oil. It also stains clothing, so be careful when applying.

This oil is a great choice when you wish to condition an old bike chain. It penetrates into crevices and maintains good contact with the area to which it is applied, rather than dripping off like other cycling oil brands. For this reason, cyclists can also use this product for freewheels, component pivots, and other areas where grease won’t work.

For regular use on a chain, the chain should first be cleaned with a solvent and dried. Then liberally apply Phil’s tenacious oil to the chain. Wipe off the excess with a rag and reattach.

Phil’s tenacious oil is best for conditions that are muddy or wet, and is superior to other lubes in regards to staying power. It has a tendency to attract dirt and dust, so in dry conditions you may be better off using another brand. However, for wet conditions, Phil’s tenacious oil lives up to its name, cutting the need for regular reapplication.

Phil’s tenacious oil is also a big favorite for cyclists who regularly ride in the cold. With its syrupy consistency, it keeps the chain in good working order and silences squeaks and pops.

A 4 fluid ounce bottle of Phil’s tenacious oil can be purchased off the Phil Wood website ( for $7.95 plus shipping and handling.

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