Good Tips in Using IMPACT DRILL

Good tips in using IMPACT DRILL

I like working around the house doing repairing work and odd jobs. I have built up a good workshop fully stuffed with all kind of tools. There are cordless drill, impact drill, electric saw, electric sander, wrench, electric driver, vice and others.

I have had many accidents using all these tools over the years. I have cuts and scars not only on hands, but arms and a slice cut on the forehead. I have also learned that there are good ways to avoid unnecessary accidents and get works done.

One good tip I would like to share with you is how to drill on different types of surface safely.

Different types of surface

Stick a piece of strong tape on the drill site when drilling smooth surfaces such as granite or tiles, This will prevent the bit slipping off the surface and cause accident.

Place a piece of waste timber under the drilling item when doing wood work. Or do the drilling on both sides by drilling only half of the wood on one side and turn it over to drill through from the other side. This can avoid splinters and potential injury from the sharp pieces of broken wood.

Always punch the drill site to make a dent when drilling steel. This will hold the drill bit from skidding off.

Place a thick sheet of scrap wood under the drilling item when drilling thin metal sheet. This will keep the sheet in good shape. A deformed sheet will require unnecessary work to reshape back to its original form. This has caused injuries to my hand again and again before.

Lubricate the drill site with oil when drilling thick metal. Apply machine oil for steel and paraffin oil for aluminum.

For large diameter boles, start with a small diameter drill and then use the desired diameter.


Never ever hold the drilling item in your hand! Do secure small drilling items in a vice or similar instrument when drilling.

Turn on high speed when drilling thin object and low when drilling with thick object.

Use auxiliary handles supplied with the tool.Loss of control can cause personal injury.

Never put the drill down if the chuck is still rotating. Wait until the chuck has stopped completely before putting the drill down.

Do not touch the drill bit immediately after use. It is very hot and will cause severe burn.

Wear mask when drilling cements, wood or any object that create excessive dust.

Wear ear protectors with impact drills. Exposure to noise can cause hearing loss.

Follow these rules and have a safe and rewarding home repair. Have fun!

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