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Well, I did not realize it but, what I have been doing for a little more than a year now is what everyone calls home staging. I guess I take it to the full extent. The reason I say this as I started at the outside and work my way in.

You see, you can set up everything inside just fine, but if the outside is a clutter and not tidy yard or house, well just forget about it. Now, I am in WI and people here are not like other parts, people here are big time conservatives when it comes to spending money. I had two large clients last year that needed complete house staging. I just called it Rehab consulting and did not get the new coined phrase “House Staging”. I was able to help sell a clients house in seven days. Now, sometimes this is not always the case. My rates well lets just say inexpensive is a understatement. I just read a article where the house stagers are charging a commission on what the house sells for.

I did not do that. I did not charge any consulting fees if they hired us to do the up grades that were needed to the house. Yes, I only charged what the going rates for the area were, for the improvements done. So, in the end I staged the whole house for free. Silly me. Now, this whole craze of house staging is going on and I once again have been left behind.

We are doing our normal home improvements and hydro-seeding this year instead and left the rehab market . If some of you don’t know hydro-seeding is, is the newer way lawns are put in. Most people in Wisconsin don’t even know what it is. People down south have seen the trucks with tanks spraying green slurry for a bunch of years already.

People here get talked into straw/seed applications all the time and pay big money for it. I just don’t get it. Remember, house staging starts outside and then goes in. I don’t care what anyone else is saying. If a buyers car does not ever slow down to look because the outside is so bad, they never make it inside.

Well, here I have been calling my tips to help sell your home, should have been “how to stage your home for sale.”

Now, if people would just start seeing my blog, I could really help some people out. The house staging tip of the day is, walk out take some pics of your house and see what you think. Then ask others, tell them you want their likes or dislikes and to be honest.

Or just send them to me and let me tell you. Others pay me $65-100 per hour to consult on their houses, so heres your chance.

I will start a daily tip if there is enough response.

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