Build Your Own RC Car with These Helpful Tips

Nothing quite compares to the thrill you can experience when you build your own RC car. This is a challenging experience, but also one of the most rewarding you can have in your RC cars hobby. A way to improve your skill in assembling RC vehicles is to build a lot of cars using kits that come with all parts included. A few considerations can help make the assembly process far smoother and more enjoyable.

Putting together the shock tower requires particular care and will depend on the specifics of the model you are trying to assemble. You’ll notice that there are long screws which hold the ball studs and the shocks; these may be put on opposite sides of the tower or on the same side. Make sure you know which way your particular model’s instructions require you to arrange the screws. This will make it much easier for you to build your own RC car.

Get lots of hobby knives before you start the assembly process. Hobby knife blades get a lot of wear when used in assembling remote controlled cars. Although you do not need your blade to be in perfect shape, it is always good to have several backups on hand in case one of the blades stops being usable at all.

Flush cutters are another indispensable tool to have when you build your own RC car. Hobbico and Tamiya flush cutters are excellent for RC car assembly in particular, as they are made by firms that also manufacture remote control vehicles. Flush cutters will enable you to remove parts from the trees to which they are initially attached. You’ll be able to cut the parts away accurately, neither damaging the parts nor leaving any excess material on them.

Pliers will be of great help to you throughout the assembly process. It is best to have several kinds of pliers for different types of jobs. Needle-nose and slip-joint pliers are highly useful for all RC models. If you’re putting together nitro RC cars, channel-lock pliers are highly advised. No other instrument does such a good job with holding flywheels.

A great way to save on the cost of materials is to get the most out of each thing you use when you build your own RC car. There’s a great way to conserve thread-locking fluid, for instance. Instead of squirting it directly onto a screw and wasting a lot in the process, just put a drop atop an empty bag of parts. Then gently lower the screw’s threads onto the fluid – just enough to make contact. The same amount of thread-locking fluid will give you many more uses with this technique!

If you’re having difficulties installing screws in tough locations, there are superior alternatives to using sheer force. Lubricate the screw with soap – any old bar of soap will do. Soap will not attract dirt, because it is a dry substance. It will also enable the screw to turn much more easily; you will get it into its proper location without breaking anything.

With these simple but eminently useful tips, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time, money, and frustration – leaving you only tremendous fun and excitement as you build your own RC car.

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