Battered Women: The Cry Inside

Have you ever wanted to leave? Have you ever wanted to leave just to be free, just to feel safe? Every woman has the right to be free and safe. We live in America the land of the free and brave so there is no reason to live otherwise, even if you are a victim of domestic violence. In other countries domestic violence and abuse are a way of life and there is not much a woman can do to protect her self or her children, but this is America, right?

Whenever you get to the day and time that you are tired and you want to leave, just leave and never go back. To go back would be insane, and I know that is harsh to say, but it truly is insane. The reasoning behind this fact is that the person who is inflicting the fear, pain and negative power in the home will not change. Not because the individual chooses not want to, but because most of the time this character defect that this person expresses is just as much a part of that person as his finger is to his hand or his head is to his neck. So honestly, to return to a relationship or situation that is destructive and causes fear is never ok.

What sometimes makes it hard to leave is a change in income, concern for your children and the fear of losing someone that you at one time admired and cared for. All these reasons are valid, don’t let anyone tell you any different. In order for you to escape this destructive lifestyle, one or more of these things must be sacrificed for your safety and your children’s safety. First of all, we all have our own unique situation that we are going through or have been through. So what might work for you, might not work for someone else.

It is important to evaluate your situation and seek your own plan of peace. In the midst of violence it is hard to think clearly and to make wise choices. Which means it is always important to remain cool and calm. No that it will be a battle to leave, just as it is battle to leave. Only the battle to leave will be a true win. In order to survive the battle seek support from loving friends and family, or in my case I have little of both, so I seek support from a higher power.

Once the decision to leave has been made, you must stick to the agenda and don’t lean, give in or fall. A decision like this deserves more than respect it deserves love.

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