Be Aware of Spyware

If you do not currently have a DSL connection on your computer, downloading a free internet accelerating program probably sounds like the perfect idea. Or is it?

Formerly known as Netsetter, Marketscore hypes itself as a program which will increase your internet speed. Say goodbye to the long waits for your favorite website to pop up. Marketscore will save you lots of time and money, because it’s FREE. To the innocent person surfing the net, this advertisement would sound wonderful.

The idea of a speedy net connection certainly sounded great to me at one point, but soon I learned it was quite the contrary. This program actually causes nothing but headaches. Marketscore ends up slowing your computer network down.

It is too bad programs such as Marketscore cannot be banned. They falsely advertise themselves as being harmless, when indeed it can be quite the opposite. If you have a WINDOWS PC, you are certainly at risk if you download Marketscore. As strange as it sounds, Marketscore and other types of adware/spyware can invade your computer without you even knowing it. It is good to have a strong virus blocker such as ZONEALARM installed on your computer for this reason. Otherwise you are at an extreme risk of having your computer attacked by a hacker. I do not recommend intentionally downloading Marketscore.

Marketscore has the ability to reroute all your activities on the internet, even your email. Marketscore collects and stores everything you do and is obviously an invasion of your internet privacy. Even a secure web page can be seen by this program. Information including passwords, banking and credit card info, online shopping, personal information and more can be known and sold.

Don’t be a victim of identity theft. Protect your PC!

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