Kodak EasyShare C315 Point & Shoot Digital Camera

When I bought the Kodak EasyShare digital camera I was looking for a digital camera that I could use to take photos of my oldest son while he does his bike racing. He’s a pretty good cyclist for only being 13 and I wanted to remember these years. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a digital camera but I needed something that was digital so I could upload the photos to the Net for our family and friends to see.

The Kodak EasyShare C315 was the answer. It was right around $100 which was the second least expensive digital camera they had at the store. I bought it and took it home.

A couple days later I took my new Kodak EasyShare digital camera to a cycling race that my son was in. I took many photos that day. The first thing I learned about my new Kodak EasyShare digital camera is that the zoom is very slow and you can only see the zoom in the window on the camera and not in the view finder. In other words when looking through the little peep hole in the camera you can’t see the zoom so you have to guess where you are aiming your camera.

The other problem I had with this camera right away was that when trying to look through the digital window to see the photo when it’s in zoom it’s very hard to see anything when the sun is shining brightly. There is also the issue of the click. When I press the button it takes half a second for it to go click. So if you are taking photos with the zoom you have a combination of four problems.

1. The zoom is very slow.

2. Can’t see the zoom through the peep hole.

3. Can’t see through the digital window when the sun is bright.

4. Click takes too long.

When you combine the three of these problems you come up with a camera that is very hard to take photos with when it is sunny and when you are trying to take photos of something that is moving very fast. Many of the photos I took were way off center. Some of them didn’t even have my son in the photo at all. Sometimes I only say his wheel.

Some of the photos were taken using the peep hole, others where taken with the digital window. When taking photos through the peep hole I couldn’t tell where center was because I couldn’t see the zoom through it. When taking photos through the digital window I had to guess many times where he was in the photo because the window was so dark. I would look into the digital window and wait for a shadow to move by, then click. Some of the photos where good, others were not.

The other downside to the Kodak EasyShare digital camera is the battery power. After using this camera for a few hours the battery power was low. Each and every time I take this camera to a race to take photos of my son racing I have to replace the batteries first.

On the bright side, the Kodak EasyShare digital camera is small and fits in my pocket so it’s easy to take with me places. With my cell phone in one pocket and my Kodak EasyShare digital camera in the other I’m ready for the races, and anything else I need my digital camera for.

The camera takes beautiful photos. There are different settings on the camera too. You can save space by taking smaller photos or photos with less pixels. The Kodak EasyShare C315 digital camera holds a lot of photos so you can take photos all day long, as long as your batteries hold out.

The Kodak EasyShare C315 digital camera comes with software that lets you download your digital photos from the camera to your computer with just a click. This software allows you to create different albums to keep your photos in so you can organize them. When setting up your photos to be downloaded to your computer you can choose to have them printed as soon as they are downloaded or set up your camera to download in one click.

Crop photos right from your camera. Using the Kodak EasyShare software you can edit each photo. Crop, get rid of red eye, or add all sorts of effects to your photos with the software.

Then you can use this same Kodak software to upload your photos to the Kodak web site. Here you can share and store your photos so your friends and family can come see them and order prints whenever they want. You have to order prints every six months or your Kodak web site will clear and all your photos will be gone. For this reason you should back up your photos on a CD, just in case.

You can even use this software to burn your photos onto a CD if you have a CD burner in your computer. This is great for backing up your photos or creating disks that you can use as gifts.

Would I buy the Kodak EasyShare C315 again? No, but I would by another Kodak, if for nothing else than the easy uploadability, the great software and the EasyShare web site, which is free by the way.

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