How to Get Off Telemarketer Calling Lists

Telemarketing calls can be really annoying. Many of us have gotten into the habit of humoring the telemarketers in an effort to keep them from harassing other unsuspecting consumers. Others have taken to being rude or annoying in an effort to have yourself crossed off their cost list because you are weird, or annoying. My favorite tactic, I learned from a friend who would carry on a conversation with a telemarketer for a few minute and then ask for their phone number so you can call them back at dinnertime. Another trick I play with them is for my own safety as unscrupulous telemarketers can record and manipulate recording so they can charge you without your permission. I call this game never say yes. (This includes correct, uh-huh, or anything related to it.) If they record you saying yes for any reason, they may it look like you said you agreed to a purchase. Although these telemarketing games may be fun from time to time, we really need to play them anymore.

You have the power to stop telemarketers from calling you. You can get your number listed on the National Do Not Call Registry. The is registry is provided by the Federal Trade Commissions which prevents telemarketing and consumer fraud, and gives customers added privacy protections, and defenses against unscrupulous telemarketers.

Once on the National Do Not Call Registry for 31 days, you can stop telemarketers from calling you. You will have to register again in five years, as your registration will expire. You will not however, be able to stop all telemarketing calls. The National Do Not Call Registry cannot stop calls on the behalf of Political organizations, charities, and telephone surveyors. In addition, companies that you have a business relationship with like your loan or Credit Card Company can still call you.

You can stop these other organizations from calling you by asking to them to put you on their do not call list. If you do not mind telemarketers, but want a few specific companies to stop calling you, you can choose to not use the National Do Not Call Registry, and instead ask to be put on their Do Not Call list.

Should telemarketers continue to call you anyway, you can file a complaint. The Do Not Call Registry website has page where you can file a complaint. You will need to keep track of the calls that you received from the telemarketer you choose to complain about as well as their name and contact information. By law, telemarketers cannot block their number from caller ID, so the phone number that was called from should be available.

Your home phone number is not the only number protected on the Do Not Call Registry. You may also register your cell pone number.

If you are still getting calls after you registered, you need to first confirm that you are on the registry. If your number is not on the registry, you need to add your number to the Do Not Call Registry.

In addition to providing The National Do Not Call Registry, the FTC also sets requirements for sellers and telemarketers, prohibits credit card laundering, and unauthorized billing. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission enforces these rules and laws made to protect consumers.

To add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry, go to or call 1-888-382-2-1222.

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