Ebay – How to Pay for an Item You Have Won & Leave Feedback for the Seller

Paying For An Item

When you are the highest bidder on an Ebay auction, there are several ways to pay for your item. You will probably receive an email from Ebay, informing you of the win. When you get this email, log into your Ebay account.

Once you are logged into Ebay, from the home page you will need to click “My Ebay”, located at the top of the page. This will bring up a page that lists all sorts of information about your Ebay activities, like sales you are watching and sales you have won.

On the left side of this page, you will see a side bar menu, with a group of links. You need to click the link that says “won”, and will have a number in parenthesis. This will bring up the details of the auction you just won.

From here, look beside the item information, for a button that says “pay now”. Click it to pay by credit card or Paypal. Some sellers will also accept money order or check, as long as it is received promptly after the auction. It is important to check out which payment methods are accepted by the seller before placing your bid.

Paying for an item after you win an auction on Ebay is not as hard as it may seem. Following the above guide will help keep you from getting frustrated.

Leaving Positive Feedback

Many buyers and sellers on Ebay like to receive positive feedback from members they have bought from, or from members who have bought from them. Sometimes buyers will read for positive feedback before even placing a bid.

Leaving positive feedback is easy and can be accomplished with very little effort at all. Leaving positive feedback for another member, will also encourage that member to leave positive feedback for you.

The first thing you need to do is be sure you are logged into Ebay, and you are looking at the official home page. Then click “My Ebay” near the very top of the Ebay official home page. This will take you to your personal Ebay page, that will display your recent Ebay activities.

Once you are at your personal Ebay page, click “won” on the side-bar menu, it will be near the top of the list. Now you should be looking at sales you have won. Where you see the button that says “Pay Here” you will see an arrow next to it, pointing downward. Click on the arrow, not the “Pay Here” button. Upon doing this, a menu will appear with “Leave Feedback” on the list. Click “Leave Feedback” and you are all set to do just that.

Leaving positive feedback is a good practice, and it is not difficult at all. Following the steps above should have you leaving positive feedback in no time at all.

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