Dish Network’s DVR Service

Forget VCRs, forget recordable DVD players, and move over TiVo. The DVR service from Dish Network can’t be beat. Digital Video Recorders or DVRs have revolutionized the way we watch TV. In fact, TiVo, one of the original DVRs, coined a new verb: To TiVo something. Now that I have this DVR technology in my home, there’s no going back.

Want to pause live TV? Dish Network’s DVR can handle it. Want to watch a pre-recorded program while another one records? Can do. How about my favorite, time shifting? With a DVR from Dish Network, you can pause, or record, a program for awhile, say while you’re doing the dinner dishes, and come back some time later and begin viewing regardless of whether the recording is complete. The best part of this is the ability to skip over the boring parts and the commercials.

Sure, TiVo can do all of that, and more – but at a price. TiVo users must subscribe to the TiVo service at a set amount each month. My Dish Network DVR has no monthly fees! If I recall, I paid a one time purchase of about $100 and that’s it.

The DVR that I have has a hard drive capable of storing 40 hours of programming. Sure, there are DVRs with higher capacities but so far this hasn’t been a problem for my family. If we need to store more programs, we can always download some of those to standard video tape. In the four years that we’ve had the service, I’ve never had to do this.

One of the features that separate TiVo from basic DVRs such as mine from Dish Network is TiVo’s ability to try to read your mind and record programming for you based on your prior choices. If I had TiVo, I would turn this supposed “feature” off! I make enough bad choices as it is and don’t need an appliance adding to the list of bad TV shows I watch.

The DVR from Dish Network works seamlessly with my VCR, DVD player, and Dish Network’s program guide. It’s extremely easy to use and the remote control for it is intuitive. I like the various speed levels from super slow motion to 300 times faster.

A handy jump back button on the DVR remote allows you to jump back about ten seconds or so. My husband joined the thousands of DVR users across the country who zipped backwards during the infamous Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction of the Superbowl halftime show.

Finally, my favorite feature of all is the DVRs ability to record a program after you have already watched it. That’s right. Say you’re watching a show and halfway through it you think you wouldn’t mind seeing it again or sharing it with a family member, with the DVR from Dish Network, you can hit the record button and it will record from the beginning of the program. Alternately, you can rewind to the beginning and record from there as well.

The DVR has changed the way I watch TV. At times, I take it for granted but when I go on vacation, I appreciate it even more.

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