Creative Itunes Playlist Ideas

These creative Itunes playlist ideas will help you use your Itunes and Ipod for things you didn’t know were possible. Sure, an Itunes playlist can get a party started, help you get pumped for a workout, or keep you busy on a bus. But did you know that an Itunes playlist can change your turn a boring afternoon into a special treat, call up your favorite memories, or lift a bad mood in a flash? These Itunes playlist ideas will help you use your computer or ipod for all this and more. If you’re an Itunes beginner, these creative playlist ideas will help you explore what the program can do. If you’re a seasoned Itunes veteran, these playlist ideas will make you smile and help you use your music collection in fun new ways. One of the best features of Itunes is the playlist function, and no matter what your experience level, these Itunes playlist ideas will help you get the most from your Itunes.

Home Alone
When you’re on your own at home, things can get pretty boring, but with an Itunes playlist, they don’t have to stay that way. To turn a dull solo afternoon into a private party for one, try making an Itunes playlist packed with all the guilty pleasures in your music collection. Everyone has a couple of albums that they’re a little bit embarrassed by, and whether your secret shame is corny hip-hop by the likes of M.C. Hammer, or soppy ballads from Broadway musicals, an Itunes playlist is the perfect way to make sure your stash is ready to go whenever you’ve got the time and the privacy to crank it up and sing along. Plus, it’s fun to make up a secret code name for your guilty pleasures Itunes playlist. Who would suspect that your Itunes playlist entitled “Christmas Memories” is really three hours of Hanson’s greatest hits?

Surprise From A Friend
You can use an Itunes playlist to serve up some surprises with this twist: the next time you’re wasting a little time with someone you care about, crank up your computer, and have them make you a playlist! It’s always fun to get to know your friends’ tastes, and this is a fun way to do it. Letting a friend pick through your music collection and choose some favorite songs is a great way to re-discover some tunes that you’re bound to have forgotten you even had. An Itunes playlist programmed by a “guest DJ” is like a little present that you can open whenever you want. This is an especially nice thing to do before you go on a trip; if you get your friends to make playlists, you’ll always have something with you to stir your memories of everyone back home. The best part of having a friend make you an Itunes playlist is that every time you hear it, you’ll think of them!

Instant Mood Lift
An Itunes playlist packed with songs that make you smile is a great weapon to be packing as protection against a bad day. If you find yourself down in the dumps, just let your mood lifting Itunes playlist put the spring back in your step. For a solution to a bad mood that doesn’t sound very intuitive but definitely gets results, try a total sadness immersion. To make this Itunes playlist, just pile on the saddest, most wretched, most pitiful songs in your collection, one after another. After about the third or fourth track of utter hopelessness and despondency, you’ll start to get really bored with both the music and your bad mood, and you’ll snap right out of your funk. After the fifth or sixth song, the endless doom and gloom will even start to seem really funny, and you’ll be smiling before you know it.

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