Oversize ID Cards

What are oversize ID cards?

We all know what the standard ID card or PVC card looks like-your driver’s license, your credit card-they’re all the same size. An organization called the ISO sets international standards for sizes of PVC cards, like your ID, driver’s license, or credit cards. The size of your normal ID cards is CR-80.

What sizes do oversize ID cards come in?

Larger ID cards are available in many non-standard sizes. The most popular sizes are CR-90 (3.63″ x 2.37″/92mm x 60mm) and CR-100 (3.88″ x 2.63″/98.5mm x 67mm).

What are oversized ID cards used for?

They are usually used for visas, passports, and other secure documents. The larger ID card size allows for more efficient visual identification. Another plus is that oversize ID cards are easier to keep track of and that is why something like a passport isn’t the size of a credit card.

How do you print oversize ID cards?

This is tough because most PVC printers are made to use only CR-80 ID cards. There are only a couple companies that offer oversize ID card printers. Two of the most common brands for oversize ID cards are Fargo, who offers the HDP820, and MagicCard, who offers the

Rio Grande
. The HDP820 uses a special H-panel ribbon (part #:QT-84012) that allows for larger specifications. MagicCard’s

Rio Grande
will print to a CR-100, but there are a couple limitations. It can only print a CR-80 sized patch on the card, and instead of a center justification, it will be justified to the left.

Is there an alternative for oversize cards, or for PVC cards in general?

There are some alternatives, but if you don’t want to go with a PVC, card, the Teslin laminated cards are good and can be made almost any size and shape. The cards are printed using an inkjet printer, which saves both time and ink. You can have a Teslin laminated card printed through factory offset printing, which offers excellent color and clarity. Unfortunately, the main drawback of this alternative is security, as anyone could potentially copy this card. Also, it is less durable than a PVC card, and there is a higher chance of decomposition.

Whatever system you choose, oversize ID cards are an excellent option for those wishing the highest levels of security. It is highly difficult to forge oversize ID cards because the printers are so few, and it would take more resources than most petty forgers could afford. This is why oversize ID cards, coupled with overlamination, holograms, and biometrics, are used at the highest levels of security, and why its so hard for someone to actually forge a passport or visa.

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