Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy an Apple IPod

Many people believe iPods are the best tech product to hit the market since computers, but too often they don’t really know much about it. The iPod is an MP3 player that has lots problems most people aren’t aware of until after they have invested in one. Here are ten reasons why I feel you shouldn’t purchase an iPod.

1. iPods are quite expensive for such little devices. They range from $70 on up to $300; you can purchase a regular MP3 player for much less than that. A 512 kb iPod shuffle costs about $70 but you can purchase a RCA MP3 player with a 512 kb memory for around $40. iPods look cute, but when it comes down to it, if all you need is something to listen to music on you can use a CD player or a much cheaper MP3 player with just as good results.

2. Batteries in an iPod don’t last very long. You constantly have to recharge, which wastes time that you could spend actually listening to music. You can’t just go out and purchase two AA batteries; you have to buy a special one just for the iPod.

3. When batteries are dead and can no longer be recharged you have to send the whole device back to the manufacturer. When it is returned, it may not be your same iPod at all; it could just be a refurbished one with a better working battery.

4. iTunes is the only music program on a computer that is compatible with iPod, which means some computers aren’t up to date enough to be compatible with iPods. This could mean you can’t have an iPod unless you purchase a new computer.

5. iTunes music costs about a dollar a song. There are many cheaper places to buy music. For example, Wal*Mart music downloads are only 88 cents each; if you buy a lot of music this can be a big deal.

6. iPods aren’t made to add memory to them. Basically this means that you get what you bought and no more, because there is no place to add a memory card.

7. When an iPod is connected to a computer all the music on the computer is placed on it, whether you like it or not. The only way to fix this problem is to go through every song on your device and decide if you want it there or not. This can take quite a long time depending on how much music you have downloaded.

8. The iPod doesn’t come with built in speakers. If you want to hear your music outside your headphones you have to buy a special speaker set compatible with iPod or turn your headphones up loud, possibly causing damage to them.

9. When you buy an iPod, you are paying for the basic device. Anything else will cost you extra. Granted, the iPod comes with a neck strap, but it doesn’t come with a charger so you have to purchase a charger to keep it working. This means more hard earned money out of your pocket that you could be using to purchase more music.

10. One of the biggest problems with the iPod is damage resulting from dropping. If an iPod is dropped many problems can occur. Dropping an iPod can damage the memory and cause you to lose all of your music. The device might also turn off and not want to turn back on again, or in some cases freeze. Even when not dropped many iPods freeze on their owners, and there may be problems getting them unfrozen.

If you are considering purchasing a new MP3 player, remember that there will usually be a new and more up-to-date version two or three months later, so don’t spend any more than you have to. Because the iPod name is well-known, a lot of people don’t take time to consider that there might be a better choice. I hope that the reasons I have cited for not buying an iPod will help you make the best decision in your particular case.

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