Lexmark X2350 3-in-1 Printer Vs HP 1310 3-in-1 Printer

The Lexmark X2350 provides copying, scanning and printing in a simple but complete system. All in all, the Lexmark scan and print quality equals that of the HP 1310. The price of the Lexmark is approximately twenty dollars less than that of HP.

When it comes to copying, Lexmark has made the task relatively quick. One push of a button and a copy is produced. Unfortunately, unlike the HP 1310 series, only one copy at a time can be made through the control panel. To print more than one copy, there is two choices. Either stand there and push the button until you receive the amount of copies wanted, or utilize the computer program received with the Lexmark X2350.

The Lexmark All in One Center program provides a full range of services. Besides doing the basic scan, copy and print tasks, the program also includes a text editor for scanned documents. The HP 1310 requires the purchase of similar software.

The scanned document text editor can be handy for business or research in that ideas or comments can be placed directly into the document, completely erasing the need for post it notes and the chance of misplacing the attachments.

Another plus side is the unlimited possibilities for practical jokes, such as changing a name in a newspaper article or changing the outcome of a college acceptance letter. The opposite side of that coin is that more organizations are not accepting copies due to the higher chance of fraud.

A photo editor comes with the Lexmark 2350 and the HP 1310. Both programs are not the top of the line but it more than covers any everyday photo editing tasks. The simplicity of the programs are ideal for the amateur who wants to touch up family photos, crop or enlarge.

The only major hardware difference between the two is the print cartridges. The Hp requires both a color and a black cartridge. It has been designed not to work if one cartridge is missing. However, if the color cartridge is empty but still in place, the printer will work.
The Lexmark X2350 only requires one cartridge. Lexmark has combined the two into one cartridge, which they have suitably named 1. A major drawback to this is the cartridge empties quick. It doesn’t take very long for the ink level to become unbalanced, causing the print to be wrongly colored or streaked.

The price of the single cartridge is comparable to the price of one HP cartridge. One more drawback to the single Lexmark ink cartridge is that it is not refillable, thereby forcing the consumer to purchase ink cartridges.

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