– My bet is they’ll give Ebay a run for their money

A whole new world of opportunities is about to open up for online buyers and sellers., a new startup “auction-type” website, has all of the benefits of Ebay and none of the drawbacks. For instance, payments can be made through Paypal, sellers receive a feedback rating from buyers, and there is literally no end to the types of products one can find. However, unlike EBay the auction mammoth, Live Deal allows sellers to SELL products instead of auctioning them off without additional fees. In fact, there are absolutely no fees for standard listings, which include a photo and last up to one month. Of course, if you want bold, extra images, highlighted listings or any other bells and whistles, there is a modest cost, similar to what Ebay charges for the same up sells. is marketing itself as the “free classifieds” (perhaps putting some pressure on Craig’s List as well?) and “the place to sell hard-to-ship items such as automobiles, furniture, pets, appliances, real estateâÂ?¦” This is because they allow the buyer to search by area code first (to avoid shipping charges by purchasing from a neighbor), and national sales second if the area code option doesn’t return the best results.

They also serve the national market for sellers looking for a more cost-effective marketplace to list multiple items for sale in a single click and without the burden of listing fees. And you can upload items buy spreadsheet, allowing a seller to post hundreds of items for sale at once!

My favorite thing about LiveDeal though, has to be the FREE online store fronts. To see what they look like (pretty simple, but they can be customized later) you can visit my online store front here.

Currently there are over 1-million items listed for sale. Nowhere near what Ebay churns out, but it’s a start and my bet is that Ebay will be sweating from the competition in a year or two. In fact, some of Live Deals managers actually came from Ebay, as well as and Google.

While I can still sell more products on Ebay, I can escape the nightmare of paying for the listing even when the item doesn’t sell by moving my products over to Live Deal. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

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