Beat Fall and Winter’s High Prices on Heating Oil

Procrastination is synonymous with America, a country of quick fixes, instant gratification, and time-saving solutions. Most people live in the moment, not for the future.

So like most, you’re probably focused on taking that well-deserved summer vacation and getting those hot weather home remodeling projects completed. But what happens when summer finally ends and you turn off your air-conditioner and turn on the heat? Amidst those warm evening barbeques and relaxing pool time, will you have given any thought about arranging a heating plan that will supply you with the fuel oil you’ll need once those sweaters come out – and at a price you can afford?
For homeowners who use heating oil, expenditures are expected to increase anywhere between 20-30% this winter, pushing the average up 76% from just five years ago. By the heating season, it’s also likely that available heating oil reserves will be used much faster than can be replenished, leaving unprepared homeowners with low or empty fuel tanks.

Price Energy, one of the leading e-commerce fuel businesses, has devised an impressive solution: with prices already 20% lower than the competition, they are now offering an option which allows consumers to purchase their heating oil at a guaranteed rate in advance to avoid fluctuating prices later in the year. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing that your rate cannot change, even if prices start doubling come winter.

According to the Energy Information Administration, approximately 8.1 million consumers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic use heating oil as the primary method for heating their homes. In previous years, oil dealers have typically combated the rising prices by offering short-term solutions to their customers-by either suggesting alternative solutions for the coming season instead of focusing on the problem, locking customers in a monthly rate spread over the year, or by capping the price for an initial fee. Price Energy has surpassed the competition with this innovative long-term plan.

Don’t be a winter weather procrastinator. Figure out your home’s heating budget now and take advantage of Price Energy’s advance purchase plan. It allows you the flexibility of getting an immediate price estimate for your location, securing that price, choosing convenient delivery times, managing your account 24 hours a day, and having Price Energy’s unprecedented customer support at your fingertips.

To lock in your rate now, simply log on to or call a Price Energy customer service representative at (866) 889-8900.

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