Financially Educate Yourself to Be More Successful in Business, Finances and Real Estate

Emerald Passport inc. (EPI) is an organization with a powerful webucation products and a virtual income opportunity that will make a lot of people incredibly wealthy and have them retire financially free.

But, it takes more than unique products and an attractive compensation plan to take advantage of favorable market conditions. You also need a simple marketing system that is easy to learn and easy to do. A system that will work for you 24/7 so you can earn money even while you are asleep.

With the this turnkey marketing system, as an information broker, you can cash in big on this incredible international business and create wealth and security for you and your family.

According to Peter Drucker of Forbes Magazine, “Webucation is the next GREAT growth opportunity. Online continuing education is creating a new and distinct educational realm, and it is the future of education.

There is a global market here that is potentially worth hundreds of billions of dollars.”
New technology and fast access to information are transforming the business landscape.

The information delivered over the Internet has become a key commodity. How would you like to profit from a new major trend? Now you can. Integrating e-education into the everyday environment is becoming big business.

Make BIG Money through Information Marketing! Building Wealth at e-Speed and e-Convenience!!! This info-package will lead you through our system and help you derive important information about how you can capitalize on a mega-trend.

Our product line-up consists of two e-learning courses, two audio courses and two video courses.

We are soon releasing the 10-hour video course “Making Money in Real Estate”.

The material in the course goes from basic to advanced; so it’s appropriate to a wide range of experience.

We do not profess to know some get rich quick secret (no one does).

Our purpose is to provide education in “real world” matters that are not typically taught in the school system; to share with our associates methods for increasing productivity in dealing with money and people.

You can also become an independent distributor to sell these products which are really good informational products.

Independent distributors earn $1000 any time they sell The Passport to Prosperity course for $1295. That’s a great income for each sale working from home. Want to be more successful in business, financially, then invest in your future.

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