How to Handle Objections During Sales

There can’t be a sale without objections, and handling these is an essential part of the selling psyche. There are some salesmen which immediately start rolling their eyes as soon as a customer starts asking in depth questions. That is the biggest mistake which you can make as a salesperson. You have to understand that people will only invest their money into a product once they are fully satisfied. They are smart enough to understand that every sales person will try to play with psyche and will try to create a need when there is none. In this article, we will look at the best ways to handle these objections and questions, something which can significantly boost your sales.


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    Interpret The Questions Positively

    The most important thing in this regard is to interpret the questions positively. For example, if the customer implies that he or she cannot afford the item you want to sell, take it as “how can I make it affordable”. This will keep your thinking process on the right path and will help reduce your inherent fear of being rejected.

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    Rule of Six

    A good way to prepare for objection handling is to work on the rule of six, which effectively means that to any product there will at least be 6 solid objections. Identify these objections beforehand and prepare answers for them. This mental preparation will help you in handling the real time situation when the customer will be standing right next to you.

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    Always Be Respectful

    Always here out what the customer has to say and then answer respectfully, even if the objection raised is a bit malicious. Your aim should be to neutralize the situation first and then gradually make it favorable. Even if you have understood the objection, request the customer to shed some more light on it. This will not only give more time to prepare an effective response, but will also allow you more insight as to whether the customer is bluffing or is seriously concerned.

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    Negotiate in a Friendly Manner

    For all the genuine objections, try to convince the customers otherwise, but without the element of argument. Friendly negotiation helps in achieving a win-win scenario more often than not when it comes to marketing.

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