Beautiful Alliums for Your Yard or Garden

Alliums are beautiful bulb flowers that are actually ornamental onions, and the blooms of the allium are absolutely gorgeous. Alliums typically consist of a perfect sphere of hundreds of tiny flowers, and each are elegantly perched atop a single sturdy stem. No other flower compares to the allium. The allium is definitely a unique bulb flower that brings drama and color to a yard or garden.

If you’ve had problems with deer eating flowers and plants in your yard or garden, allium are a great choice. Deer aren’t at all tempted by alliums, and they will pass up alliums without taking so much as a nibble.

Consider planting alliums if you want bulb flowers that will turn heads and capture hearts. Alliums are beautiful flowers that will last for weeks at a time, and alliums are sure to make your yard or garden an impressive showplace you’ll be proud to display. The following alliums are some of the most beautiful flowers in the allium family.

Persian Blue Allium

This beautiful bluish-purple allium looks like a puff of tiny star-shaped flowers displayed on a perfectly straight stem. This allium is definitely a winner if you’re looking for an allium that will capture attention and add flair to your yard or garden. It’s a unique variety of allium that would look even more lovely when planted in back of lower growing white flowers such as ballerina carnations or daisies.

Persian blue alliums are best suited for hardiness zones three through eight, and they will bloom in late spring. This allium variety reaches a maximum height of about three feet. Consider this unique allium for your picture perfect yard or garden.

Beau Regard Allium

This lavender-pink allium is huge, and the large spheres of beautiful flowers demand attention. If you want a large showy allium for your yard or garden, this is the allium for you. Plant several alliums together for an amazing display of color, and create an eye-catching geometric design in your yard or garden.

Beau Regard alliums grow best in hardiness zones three through eight, and they bloom for about three weeks in early summer. This beautiful allium towers to an amazing height of fifty inches, and the large eye-catching blooms span a width of about ten inches. This beautiful allium is a must-have if you want a large allium that won’t be overlooked.

Drumstick Allium

Drumstick alliums are very popular with those who love the exotic beauty of alliums. These beautiful alliums have small blooms, and they make perfect dried or cut flowers bouquets. The color of this allium is very unique. The blooms of this beautiful allium start out green, and they quickly turn to a deep shade of lavender.
Consider planting drumstick alliums in hardiness zones three through eight. The blooms of this fantastic allium reach a width of about an inch and a half, and they reach a maximum height of approximately two feet. Drumstick alliums make their stunning debut in the early weeks of summer.

Sunny Twinkles Allium

The name of this brightly colored allium is very appropriate. Sunny twinkles alliums are lemony yellow, and they are unlike the spherical allium varieties. The dainty star-shaped flowers of this allium are loosely clustered, and they are a sharp contrast when planted in the foreground of deep lavender drumstick alliums.

Sunny twinkles allium will successfully brighten yards and gardens in hardiness zones three through nine. These exceptional alliums reach a maximum height of approximately ten inches, and they produce beautiful yellow blooms from late spring to the beginning of summer.

Allium roseum

If you love pink flowers, this beautiful pink allium is for you. This soft pink allium is a lot like sunny twinkles allium in the fact that the blooms are loosely clustered, but this allium has a delightfully sweet fragrance.

Consider incorporating allium roseum into a rock garden, or use it to create a beautiful pink and green border in hardiness zones three through eight. Allium roseum grows to a maximum height of approximately fourteen inches, and it’s a fantastic allium if you want a late spring or early summer allium variety.

Giant Allium

Giant alliums are fantastic flowers for those who want classic long-lasting alliums in their yard or garden. Giant alliums are typically available in beautiful shades of purple and white, and they are breathtaking examples of natural beauty. Choose giant alliums if you want alliums that will create a dramatic display for weeks on end.

Giant alliums are best suited for hardiness zones three through nine. Consider giant alliums if you want beautiful alliums that will reach a maximum height of about three feet. The blooms of these alliums reach a width of approximately five inches, and they seem to magically appear in late spring.

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