Protect Apples for Long-Term Storage

Fruits are hard to store unless they’ve been canned or frozen. Some fruits, after being picked, can go bad in a matter of days. This is especially true if the fruits have any bad spots on them at all. Even the tiniest dark mark on an apple, for example, can spell the beginning of the rotting of the fruit.

If you harvest lots of apples, and can’t possibly eat them in a couple of weeks, don’t go giving them away just yet. Consider a way that you can keep the apples fresh for a long period of time. One thing to keep in mind when storing apples is that only the most perfect apples are suitable for storage. All apples with even a minor blemish should be placed in a bowl for immediate consumption.

Sort the apples, paying close attention to blemishes and spots. After sorting, and selecting only the best apples, begin wrapping them up in pieces of newspaper. Use a large enough piece of newspaper to completely cover the apple, then twist the paper together to secure.

After wrapping each apple in newspaper, begin stacking them in a cardboard box. Don’t cram the apples into the box but arrange them to get the most in a box as possible. It’s important that the box has a lid, but the box and lid do not have to be air-tight.

Store the apples in a cool, dark place, but do not store them in the same room as potatoes. Potatoes release gasses that can cause apples to rot faster. When stored under the right conditions, apples can last well into the winter months.

The type of apple you choose to grow will matter when it comes to storing them for long periods of time. Apples with thin skins will store for a shorter time than thick-skinned apples. Jonathan apples are a good choice; Red Delicious is not the best selection.

If you need help deciding what type of apples to purchase, talk to specialists at a farm and garden store. Ask about apples that do well in your type of soil. Of course, most apples can be stored for some period of time, but if you’re wanting to store them for much longer, choose one with a thick skin.

Not everyone wants to store apples for months on end; some people just want to store them until they can be canned or frozen. The wrapping technique only takes a short amount of time and works great for short-term storing as well.

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