How to Make a First Aid Kit for House Plants

Plants in every garden need proper care to stay green and healthy. For that purpose, it is advised that you hire a gardener who will take care of all your plants.

If you do not have budget to hire a gardener however, then you can create a first aid kit for your house plants with which you can treat many problems.

Things Required:

– Pesticides
– Insecticidal soap
– Horticultural oil
– Rubbing Alcohol
– Rubber gloves
– Cotton Balls


  • 1

    Add pesticides to your first aid kit for house plants. You should have a proper arrangement of pesticides to prevent vermin  attack on your house plants. Here, you should select a pesticide that is human friendly and whose application method is easy.

  • 2

    Consider including a mild fertilizer in your first aid kit. You can use the fertilizer from time to time to nourish the soil. Using strong fertilizer is not advised, especially when you use it in your home garden as it can burn your plants.

  • 3

    You include insecticidal soap to your first aid kit, as it comes really handy when a pesticide is not enough to remove the surface pests from your plants. You can use a mild insecticidal soap to wash out your plant.

    When applying the insecticidal soap, you should first try it on just a couple of leaves, and check whether it damages your plant. Wait for around 1 hour to check for the results. If everything looks fine, then you can apply the soap on your whole plant.

  • 4

    You can include horticultural oil in your first aid kit. It is also a great agent to kill pests on plants. Pesticides sometimes become too strong for your house plants; horticultural oil is milder in nature and does not pose much risk to your plants. It is readily available as well.

  • 5

    Consider adding rubbing alcohol to your kit, as in some cases, pest on the surface of the leaves can be removed just by washing the leaves with rubbing alcohol.

  • 6

    You should also include rubber gloves in the kit, as they can protect your hands when applying toxic chemicals.

  • 7

    Whenever you apply chemicals to plants, try using cotton balls for that purpose.

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