Beautiful Bird

I see a beautiful bird day after day.

That same bird follows me,
watching every move I make.

I wish I could ask him the reason he follows.
Never far away, he watches over my shadow.

That beautiful bird kind of reminds me of you.
He soars ever so gracefully into heavens clear blue.

Even on rainy days, he appears to me.
On days when it is snowing, he’s there faithfully.

That beautiful bird knows a lot about me.
When he’s singing, he’s actually speaking, you see.

If I listen closely, I might understand.
He’ll tell me how I was his only true friend.

I’ll tell him too-
In so many words,

I’ll give a wink of an eye to that beautiful bird.
When it’s all said and done, he’ll surely know.
Then with my undying love back into heaven he’ll go.

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